Penguin Pantry News

Our pizzas are becoming more and more popular too. Because of the focaccia base our pizzas are categorised green and are an item that I am allowed to offer daily. However, I choose to only offer them once a week because although our pizza is a healthy choice, most other pizzas are not. They are usually high in fat and salt and so I don’t want to give the impression that it’s ok to eat pizza every day, when in most cases it isn’t.

Everyone is doing a great job at remembering to bring their empty lunch order bags up the canteen to collect their pre-ordered ice creams – well done.  A lot of people do seem to have forgotten the school rules about sharing food and money.  Please remember that we will only sell one ice cream or icy pole per child. If you have a child in pre-primary or kindy you can order an ice cream before school that we will send to their class at lunch time.

Canteen Flyer