Split Classes in 2019

On Tuesday 11th December your child will bring home a letter informing you of their class placement for 2019, ahead of Transition Day on Wednesday 12th December.

Class Allocations

The staff take into consideration many aspects when they are placing students into classes. These aspects include individual academic needs, personalities, friendships and behaviours. Placements involve a considerable amount of discussions about the best classroom for individuals and groups of students. This is not done lightly and changes still occur days later as teachers rethink their placements.

Academics in split classes

Teachers are extremely skilled in delivering the required curriculum to meet the diverse needs of the students they have in their class. A split class generally has very little extra variation in the needs of students than that of a straight grade. The curriculum builds on from one year to the next so, in order to cater for the different needs of students, teachers are consistently teaching above and below that years curriculum requirements. As indicated by educational researcher John Hattie, split classes show no impact on student achievement.


Children benefit enormously from having friends outside of their year group. It allows them to develop a wider group of friends which gives them more options in the playground, greater connections across the school and can benefit them within the wider community. Some parents are concerned that their child may lose friendships from their current year group after being in a split class. Children adapt quickly to new classes and reform relationships the following year and some even maintain old ones.

I hope this alleviates some of your concerns. As mentioned last year, there will be no changes to class placements once they are released until March 2019. This allows your child time to get to know their teacher and the students in their class. It also allows you time to get to know the teacher and their expectations. As a community it is about building resilient children who learn to accept change, differences in teaching approaches and establishing new relationships.

As a staff we really appreciate you taking the time to increase your understanding of split classes and placements.


Kind regards


Leanne Allen

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