Communicating with your school....

Student Absences

  • SMS mobile number 0437 418 753

Phone Messages

  • Urgent emergency messages will be passed onto your children during school hours. We ask that you please take a moment to consider whether your message is necessary. Often teachers and support staff proactively attend to concerns your child may have without instruction.

Minor Injuries & Forgotten Lunches—Lunch and Recess Time

  • Students should see a teacher on duty in the playground.
  • Bandaids and icepacks are available in all learning blocks.
  • Sandwiches are available in learning blocks for students with out lunch.

Dental Therapy Visits

  • Parents/caregivers must accompany child for initial visit.
  • Please sign in at office and you will receive a Leave Pass— Dental to give to their teacher.
  • After the appointment please take your child back to class and return to office to sign your child back in and sign yourself out.


Please take a few minutes to discuss these important processes with your child as they aim to save disruption to class time and help build resilience and responsibility—two of our 5 R’s.

Lost Property

Please remember to clearly label all your childs school items and personal belongings, this ensures the prompt return of any lost property. This is especially important during school events like Interm Swimming lessons.

Lost property is located under the verandah outside the staffroom during school hours.

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