Welcome back!

Welcome back to second semester. I think a number of parents were caught off guard by school commencing on the Monday as we had many students away. Apart from that I have heard many students, parents and staff saying how glad school was back. There is no doubt routine plays an important part in children’s lives, which also makes it easier for the adults as well. Seeing their friends again is also a big incentive.

Third term is always a busy term and a great one for intensive learning to take place. As a staff we have discussed some concerns around the lateness of student arrivals in the morning. Winter is never an easy time to get moving for kids or grown-ups alike but it is important for the child’s mindset to arrive on time. Children become nervous if they have to walk into class once the teacher has started teaching. They can get embarrassed and nervous because of the eyes that go to them when they walk in. Put yourself in their shoes walking in with everyone looking at you as the teacher is teaching the class. Please support your child by arriving to school before the first siren at 8.44am to give them the best start possible for the day.

A busy term lies ahead with a couple of special weeks happening. Week 5 is Book Week, which also includes Learning Journeys on the Thursday 22 August and the Parade on Friday 23 August. The theme for this year is “Reading is my Secret Power” and teachers will provide information to students shortly. Week 9 sees our Faction Sports Carnivals happening (weather permitting), on the Tuesday 17 September (Years 1-3) and Thursday 19 September (Years 4-6). If it rains, then the days will be transferred to Week 10. The P&C will support the day with a sausage sizzle.

Speaking of our P&C, I would like to thank and congratulate Jodie and her hard working team for the support they are providing. Although the Movie Night didn’t eventuate, I admire the approach they took and openly discussing the lessons learnt. I have noticed a real team approach to everything that is done which makes being involved more enjoyable. Thank you all for your support.

Wayne McKay


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