School Photo Day

Annual school photos are coming soon. 3P Photography are excited to be at Safety Bay Primary School on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th July (week two of term three).

Individual envelopes were handed out to each student on Tuesday 30 June, please remember to check your child's bag.  You can complete your order either on this form or online through our website at , the Shoot Key is printed on the bottom of order form. Completed forms are to be returned on photo day.

On your photo day:

  • Please ensure your children return the order form envelope to our photographers, even if photos are not being ordered.
  • Advise your child that we will be taking their photos today, so they aren’t surprised
  • Please ensure where possible, that full neat and complete uniform is worn
  • Hair neat and tidy. Preferably no large side/high ponytails (it may be cropped out)

Sibling Photos:

  • Order only on eldest child’s order form, unless ordering multiple family packs
  • Photo times are 15min before and after school, if not otherwise indicated 
  • Photographers cannot collect students from class. Students must present themselves to the photography area
  • Sibling photos will be taken at the photography area at school

Should you have any queries, please don't hesitatet to contact 3P directly on (08) 9250 6244.

Photo Day Timetable

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