School Parking - Smart Parking

The City of Rockingham regularly receives complaints regarding parking at local schools.  The City’s Ranger Services respond by patrolling and enforcing the Local Laws and will issue infringements if necessary.  


In particular, Leeder Street has been identified as an issue as there is an alley way cut-through to the school.

It is acknowledged that parking around schools can be a contentious topic, however community access and safety for our community is paramount. 

  • park nearby and walk a short distance to school
  • walk or cycle to school when possible
And always:
  • observe parking signage around schools at all times
  • avoid parking on verges without permission of land owner/occupier or obstructing driveways
Illegal parking can be dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users and causes frustration, inconvenience and irritation. Please remember to be mindful and park responsibly around the school.

Thank you for considering the safety of our students and 'putting children first'.

Smart Parking

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