Compass Rollout

As you may have seen, Safety Bay PS are switching communication modes from Connect to a platform known as Compass. There have been a number of QR codes around the school grounds which have directed you to information about its uses, ease of access and how to log in. 

Every parent with an active account with Safety Bay PS will have access to their own Compass log in, a unique USERNAME and PASSWORD auto-generated on the note. The QR code located at the bottom of the page will direct you to download the app and prompt a password change. 

Year 4 families have been selected to be the first adopters to Compass, before the whole school next week. With the assistance of myself and Mr Alvin Leo (avid IT user), we hope that the Year 4 families can support our journey by assisting with any troubleshooting queries. Where possible, please provide feedback to myself or Alvin regarding the log-in process, any issues, and if you are unable to access the items listed below. We would prefer feedback in person or via email included at the bottom of this notice. If you are experiencing difficulties, Mr Leo's class (C20) will be open 3.00 - 3.30pm on Tuesday afternoon for all parents to receive hands-on support. 

Once successfully logged into Compass, we ask families to go on a search for the following:

  • Your child/ren
  • Student's profile
  • Attendance note - a green + icon
  • Class Notice
  • School Notice
  • Calendar - look for any upcoming events e.g. assemblies

Please note, Connect will remain as our communication mode for the remainder of this term. There will be a final Connect notice in Week 1, Term 3 which will signify the end of Connect communication and the beginning of Compass. For this semester, student reports will be accessible via Connect. 


Thank you!
Mrs Bek London -
Mr Alvin Leo -

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