Connect and Respect

Students, teachers and staff members have a right to feel safe at school. We need to ensure our schools are a safe learning environment - free from the threat of violence.

Our school communities are a vibrant and diverse representation of society, where children learn and grow.

We rely on the local community, parents and families to partner with us in their children’s learning journey and encourage open communication. 

We all share a responsibility for providing a safe, supportive and productive environment, free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence. Parents and carers, and other visitors to our school, support safety by ensuring communication and conduct at school and school activities is respectful. We all have right to feel safe and be safe at school. 

Connect and respect is a suite of resources to assist school communities in setting shared and respectful expectations. These will enable us to continue to work together in the best interests of our children. 

This includes when and how to contact the school, what you can expect from schools and the behaviours that interfere with teaching and learning. These resources and guidelines will help schools continue to build upon a culture of connection and engagement. Contact your school if you would like to discuss how this will be implemented at your school.

These resources build on the State Government’s existing action plan against violence. 

It also builds on our Department’s advertising campaign Say no to violence by raising awareness that violence is unacceptable and continuing this conversation in schools. 

Connect and Respect Engagement

Connect and Respect Poster

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