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A word from the principal...

As this is the first Newsletter for the year, I would like to thank each and every parent for the outstanding support you have given to your children’s teachers and in turn in general to the school. It has been very much appreciated.

I wish to publicly pass on to all parents my admiration of how well staff have managed the whole COVID-19 situation. It has been very difficult for everyone, parents, families and all staff at Safety Bay Primary School. Please be assured that our staff are very aware of the issues around COVID-19 and also the impact it is having with students and families. I believe they have gone above and beyond to support all students. With the latest information from the Premier indicating a further freeing up of restrictions, (W.A. has moved to Phase 4 as from Saturday), next term we will be almost back to normal at a school level, which can only benefit your children.

Congratulations to our sensational P&C, and of course to many families, for the Cookie Dough Fundraiser. What a brilliant effort to raise $6158 for our school. There were a large number of people involved and such a great team effort. Thanks to Erin Fadden and her team for enabling this success. Connect notices have also gone out around Cookie Dough delivery Day, Tuesday 30th at Safety Bay Tennis Club) and the canteen Hot Dog Day, Thursday July 2nd, in conjunction with the Cross Country event happening on that day.

Some of you would have been aware and completed a survey distributed by the P&C and the School Board. It related to how families felt in relation to the communication that took place before and during the COVID-19 lock down by the school. There were seven questions in all, generally demonstrating the satisfaction with the amount of information provided; the timeliness of the feedback; the positive use of Seesaw; appreciation of teacher feedback; that it was compassionate and empathetic and the making of personal phone calls. Concerns focussed around some of the difficulties with Connect and, although not necessarily negative, a preference for email as a form of communication.

Overall, extremely positive and supportive feedback, which demonstrated parents recognising and understanding some of the difficulties. This information will be presented to the board for future reference and how we can continue to evolve our communication as a school.

With the end of Semester, there are often changes to staffing that takesplace. I want to inform parents and their families that Larra Watterson Rutherford will be having a baby early next term and so will be taking Maternity Leave for at least the rest of the year. We are all so happy for Larra and her husband Gordon. Larra began as a graduate at Safety Bay and will now move to another phase of her life’s journey. We wish her well. Larra’s replacement will be Rebecca Minton. Rebecca has covered for Larra during her absences and has built a lovely relationship with the children.

Ms Tamyn-Leigh Holtom will be leaving our school at the end of term. Tamyn-Leigh has been teaching at Safety Bay since 2012. She has made significant contributions to the school during that time, not just as a classroom teacher but also in the specialist roles of LOTE and Science. Tamyn-Leigh is taking Long Service Leave and is looking forward to getting married and teaching overseas.

Mrs Helen Hewitt, our Early Childhood Education Assistant has decided to retire. Helen has worked at Safety Bay since 2007 in numerous Early Childhood Education Assistant roles. In the last few years she has worked with the Year ones, where she was very much appreciated by teachers and students alike. We wish Helen and her husband Martyn all the best in retirement.

I wish every member of the Safety Bay community, parents, students and staff, a safe and restful holiday, without having to worry about COVID-19.


Maths at Safety Bay

How well do school interventions work to improve Numeracy?

Evidence based research shows one of the most impactful methods of intervention is feedback.

How well do school interventions work to improve Numeracy?

Evidence based research shows one of the most impactful methods of intervention is feedback. Staff at SPBS engaged in Corwin Professional Development at the beginning of the year and investigated the role of feedback within our school priority of Visible Learning.

Feedback is particularly beneficial when teacher’s seek feedback from students. Peer tutoring and feedback from classmates has one of the most substantial impacts across the methods of intervention.

Check out some examples of feedback in the Mathematics learning area across our school.

Metacognition encourages students to think about their own thinking and use their reflections for self-regulation. Students engaging in goal setting, self-monitoring and checking their own progress has a gain of 8 months. This is entwined in all classrooms at Safety Bay and was a focus of our most recent Staff Development Day, looking at high impact teaching strategies.

Tips to help your kids with Maths

Three important things to try and remember are:

  1. Limit yourself to asking questions and pushing your kids to think and consider options rather than telling them stuff.


  1. Remember that if they give you a weird answer, it is probably a misconception that they really believe.  Try to get them to evaluate their idea and think it through to see if it makes logical sense rather than just telling them that they are wrong.


  1. Memorisation is still really important, but if your child is having trouble understanding a concept then memorisation is not likely to help.  They need to know WHY rather than just doing more of the same.

Making Maths part of your daily life

Playing games such as “what am I spying?” instead of “I spy”:  Describe a 3D object that you can see, one clue at a time, while the other people try to guess what it is.  (e.g. My object is bigger than the TV.  It has smooth sides that are rectangles.  It is white.  It has two doors on it.  It is very cold.)

Get the kids to work out how many minutes it is until something happens (e.g. how long until your swimming lesson?).  Both digital and analogue clocks are great for this

Let the kids cook – particularly recipes involving fractions of cups etc

When playing board games (e.g. snakes and ladders or monopoly), use two dice.  Let the kids choose if they want to move forwards by both, back by both, or forwards by one and backwards by the other.

For a more comprehensive list, see the links below




Literacy News

Letters and Sounds
‘The evidence is clear that direct systematic instruction in phonics during the early years of schooling is an essential foundation for teaching children to read.

Letters and Sounds
‘The evidence is clear that direct systematic instruction in phonics during the early years of schooling is an essential foundation for teaching children to read. Findings from the research evidence indicate that all students learn best when teachers adopt an integrated approach to reading that explicitly teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension.’ (Rowe 2005)

On the 29 May, the Kindy-Year 3 staff and education assistants participated in Professional Development on the Letters and Sounds Programme delivered by the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation (DSF).

Letters and Sounds is designed as a whole-school approach to teaching literacy for students from Foundation to Year 3. It uses a synthetic phonics approach to teach reading and spelling. Short assessments enable teachers to monitor and track student progress and plan for teaching and learning accordingly. Research has shown that when words are recognised at sight, this recognition is most efficient when it is underpinned by grapheme-phoneme knowledge. Letters and Sounds align the introduction of high-frequency words as far as possible to the graphemes introduced. This means that children will be able to read many high-frequency words very early in their schooling.

The Letters and Sounds approach to teaching and learning follows a defined sequence: 

  • Revisit, Explain, Use (What do we know already?)
  • Teach (How the pattern/structure works within appropriate contexts.)
  • Practise (A range of interactive activities for children to practise the new learning.)
  • Apply (Revise new learning, apply in writing, reflect on learning.)

At Safety Bay Primary School, staff are preparing for a full implementation of Letters and Sounds from K-3 in 2021.

Sound Waves
When teachers at Safety Bay Primary School prepared for online learning at the conclusion of Term 1, Sound Waves Online was used through Seesaw to help students engage in home learning.

Soundwaves is a whole school, multi-sensory program utilising a phonemic awareness approach to spelling. It focuses on the basic units of sound in our language – listening for sounds and saying sounds. It explores the letters that represent these sounds and how they are used to represent the words in our language.

During Term 2, teachers and students have been trialling this program across the school and will continue to use Sound Waves as part of their phonics and spelling programs during 2020.

Oxford Home Reading
Students at Safety Bay Primary School have been using the Oxford Reading Buddies Program as part of their Home Reading program. Students are encouraged to read real books and digital books as both enable students to have a valuable learning experience. Parents reading and listening to books with their children is a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading. The digital platform allows students to demonstrate and build comprehension through literal and inferential questions answered when they conclude a book. 

However your child chooses to engage in home reading, use this time to share a wonderful experience that fosters imagination and creativity.

Year 2 Literacy in Term Two

This term in Literacy, Year 2 classes have been learning how to write Informational Reports. We have had lots of fun researching different animals and discovering some interesting facts about them. Did you know that Polar Bears fur is actually clear and they have black skin under their fur? The light relecting off the fur makes it look white.

Not only did we research, plan and write our reports, some of us even published them on a computer!


Teaching Sprints - for improved student outcomes

This term, a number of leaders in our school have participated in a professional Learning program focused on ‘Teaching Sprints’.  Teaching Sprints is a focused professional development process that supports educators to continually enhance their expertise.  

The approach was developed by Dr Simon Breakspear, a highly regarded researcher and advisor on educational leadership, policy and change.  It was determined to be suitable for our school due to the focus on fostering collective teacher efficacy, one of the single greatest impacting factors on student outcomes.   It provides a meaningful approach to evidence-informed professional learning for educators, that is sustainable and able to be applied to a range of school priorities.  It supports teachers to:

  • Engage with the best available evidence for practice
  • Make ongoing, incremental changes leading to significant impact over time
  • Establish routines and protocols that support sustainability and maximise collaborative time
  • Engage in collaborative and disciplined dialogue
  • Deepen knowledge of the science of learning

This term, Mrs Cherie Devine and Mr Alvin Leo have led the Strategic Leadership Group in their first Teaching Sprint.  We have reviewed research on the impact of embedding retrieval-practice opportunities in teaching practice to support students to commit learning to long term memory.  Based on this research, we have evaluated evidence based retrieval-practice strategies, and selected those with the potential for the highest impact on learning, to implement in classroom practice.  The team has met to reflect the use of these strategies within their classrooms and support the development of practice amongst the team.  The result has been a focused evidence-based dialogue on student learning, and development of teacher expertise, that has already impacted student outcomes.

Next term, the Strategic Leadership group will be leading a school wide Teaching Sprint across all year levels.  We are excited to see the impact that this focused professional learning model will have on continuing to develop educator expertise, and ultimately improve student learning opportunities.

Semester One Science

This term in Science we have been focusing on learning to write scientific methods correctly and doing scientific diagrams as well as writing conclusions using our data. We have been learning these through investigations how changing the environment can affect how animals and plant will grow and survive.

In year 3 we have been learning about the seven characteristics that scientists use to classify something as a living thing and they have created some super mnemonics  to help them remember what they are. We have also been learning about how animals are classified. They have been working hard to remember the mnemonic to help us remember the different levels of classification and for the vertebrate groups.

The year 4 classes have been learning about different life cycles as well as conducting an investigation about  growing broad  beans in the sunlight and in the dark and we have now planted them near the science room in the hope that we will get some beans to try. They have had lots of fun learning to use different APPs on the iPads to present their work – they have made some great books.

The year 6 classes have been investigating how the change in temperature affects the growth of yeast, while the year 5s have been looking at adaptations and how they help animals survive in their environment.

We are all enjoying the investigations where we are getting  the opportunity to put our  knowledge of science inquiry skills to use as well as learning different ways display what we are learning using the ipads.

Indonesian Language

Learning languages is an exciting experience for students as they discover new ways of expressing themselves and also exercise and strengthen their brains. It helps them to think more creatively, connect ideas and solve problems more easily.

2020 has been a huge learning curve for all of us! Online Learning appeared suddenly and it was a new shift as it had us thinking of all the different ways that we could continue with delivering the learning process. At Safety Bay Primary School, we excelled with inspirational ideas of delivering online lessons as the administration team along with our lead teachers came on board. Terima kasih/Thank you to all parents and students who enjoyed and completed online lessons.

Years 5 and 6 are completing lessons focussed on language around shopping in Indonesia. It is centred on the different kinds of markets, Indonesian currency, price differences and cultural nuances around bargaining at the market place. Students tasted some freeze dried pieces of tropical fruits which was a novelty and an interesting activity. This term will end in a market place role play where students will demonstrate their confidence and engagement in
acquiring bargaining skills and Indonesian culture. 

The year 4 students have mastered speaking fluently about their morning routine. Their tasks include a written task of their own morning and also another of an ideal morning where they could do whatever they wished. Some photos of work are included with this newsletter.

Year 3 students who transitioned from Year 2 from our school had started the study of Indonesian with Ibu Tamyn-leigh last year. They are such bright eyed, eager learners as they amaze me with their language skills and their rate of second language acquisition.


Sports News

Back in mid-March, we held our swimming trials so that our interschool swimming team could be selected from the group of children from years 4–6 who attended. From this, our swimming squad was finalised and training was about to commence. This turned out to be our first and only carnival activity to date. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation all carnivals were either postponed or cancelled. PE lessons also changed. face to face was replaced with online learning through See-Saw. This was a new experience for me as much as it was for the students. Weekly workouts, weekly challenges and skill videos became the norm. The new learning platform was a great way to stay connected as a school during these unprecedented circumstances and PE played a big role in keeping the students active whilst they were at home. It was great to see students connect with the new platform and send in their own skill or challenge videos.

In recent weeks we have seen restrictions start to ease and we are now starting to see a return to normal programming. The upcoming term two Cross Country has been scheduled for Thursday 2nd July and we look forward to this event and hopefully others in future.

Mitch Brown & Sonya White
Physical Education Specialists


Performing Arts Program

At Safety Bay students attend one Performing Arts lesson a week from Kindy to Year 6, with some classes attending twice a week. Our Performing Arts program includes Music and Drama. Music remains the focus of our program where students develop skills through singing, musical games, movement to music, music theory, using music technologies and learning to play a range of musical instruments. Instruments taught in class include xylophone, recorder, ukulele, untuned percussion and keyboards. Students learn to sing and play the music of others and also improvise, create and compose music of their own. Listening and responding to music, including music from different cultures, times and places, is another important aspect of their music education.

 A range of exciting drama activities are selected to encourage and develop creativity and confidence in our students. Students learn the elements of drama such as role, character, voice and movement and develop drama skills through improvising, practice and performance.

Our school offers students many musical opportunities including Junior Choir (Year 3/4), Senior Choir and Vocal Group (Year 5/6), and Drum Group (Year 5/6). Our groups perform at school events during the year and also at festivals including Rockingham Junior Choir Festival and One Big Voice at RAC Arena.

At the end of Year 4 students undergo a selection process for the Education Department’s Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS program). Our school offers tuition in clarinet, brass, classical guitar and flute. These free instrumental lessons commence in Year 5 and continue through to Year 10 in high schools which offer the program.

We have an exciting Sound Garden at our school which is equipped with a range of tuned percussion instruments. This is a place where students can have fun and create music in an informal setting with their friends.

....at school!

Online Assemblies
Assemblies are a great opportunity for our school to share wonderful news, learn together and celebrate great achievements. Unfortunately, with the current restrictions we have not been able to have our assemblies in the usual way. Instead, we used our skills in Resilience and began using Webex to host Online Assemblies. The Student Councillors and Prefects have been helping out by singing the National Anthem, participating in activities and conducting some brain breaks!

Principal's Picnic
At the Rainbow Assembly students were asked to set a goal and improve on Responsibility. All classes shared ideas on how to do this by taking ownership of choices, including others and working at their Learning Goals. All of the Year 2 classes showed the biggest improvement in showing Responsibility so they won the opportunity to have a Picnic with the Principal.

Art Class Raffle
In Week 6 Staff participated in a Wellbeing quiz. Mrs Milne, Mrs Schicker and Miss Martinez were among some of the lucky winners. They won an Art Class with Ms Fong. Students also had the chance to enter a raffle using their R points to join in on the fun. So many students entered and it was wonderful to see the emerging artists of Safety Bay Primary School.

SWAT in action!
The Student Wellness Action Team (SWAT) program at Safety Bay Primary School is helping to deal with the mental health and wellbeing of students at our school. Students undertake projects, learning life skills, developing social skills and discuss concerns in a small group setting.
These are some of the thoughts of students particpating in SWAT:

Trey - "It has helped me concentrate on work. It has helped me to have good ideas."

Deklan - "SWAT has changed my whole life around and I will listen to Heather."

Cohen - "I like SWAT because I made new friends and it is fun."

Blake - "It was awesome."

Byron - "I like it and it is fun to come out with SWAT and plant some plants."

Lyncon - "I like it because I learn new things that I wouldn't learn in class."

Zane - "Good anad interactive . Helps me with social abilities and to be able to talk to people."

Callum - "I like SWAT because it's controlled my anger and I get to meet new people who I may not have otherwise."

Year 5 Perspective...

                                               .....living the Pandemic

Hi everyone, what a bumpy semester we’ve had. 

Starting school in February and then being told we will need to study from home made us feel sad, scared and worried.  Not knowing how the virus was going to affect us and our families was very frightening.

Although our parents were very busy, they became our teachers, while we worked from home.  It was confusing at first because we had to learn the Seesaw program.  Finding our way around Seesaw became easier as we started using the program more.  Some of us did worksheets instead of Seesaw.  It was distracting at home because there were always other things going on around us.  Like dad mowing the lawn, pets jumping on our work and siblings making noise and interrupting, but we used one of our 5 R’s from Safety Bay Primary School and practised RESLIENCE.

During this time, we missed our teachers, and friends who were also staying at home in lock down.  The school holidays were dull and boring, but our parents gave us plenty of chores to do.  Being able to see our teachers at the Easter drive by was a highlight of having to work at home.  It made our parents teary, but supported in this troubling time. I believe some teachers and maybe the principal also shed a tear or two.

After the school holidays when we were able to come back to school it was a relief.  Coming back, we were happy to see our friends and teachers. 

The restriction that the government enforced were strict, but we were grateful for the work and effort that the government put into keeping us all as safe as possible.  It took time for us to adjust to the new rules at school, like having to wash our hands so often, using hand sanitiser, being dropped off later than usual at the gate, our parents not being allowed on school grounds and being 1.5 meters apart.

With getting back to school we were able to start working on new topics, such as decimals, think mental, sound waves, history and Aboriginal History.  We made Sorry Day posters, did a project on Aboriginal Legends and we were learning about Australian Bush Rangers.  It was fantastic to be able to work with our peers and teachers again.                                                     

Keep staying SAFE everyone.

Georgia and Indah - C15

Celebrating our cleaning team

Our school cleaning team staff were recognized and celebrated on Monday 15 June, Cleaners Day.  Hundreds of thank you notes adorned the staff room in a show of gratitude to celebrate the important work done by our behind the scenes cleaning team to keep our students and staff safe throughout the Covid19 pandemic.

The notes and drawings thoughtfully created by students and staff also provided a reflective learning opportunity.  Our cleaning staff have showed resilience and are worthy of note for their inspiring nature and amazing spirit in which they took up all the new challenges.  Please know the Safety Bay Primary School believe you are all incredible and the hundreds of thank you notes written by our students are testimony to how important you are to the Safety Bay school community.

Thank you to our wonderful cleaning staff!

From left to right - Phil Reeves, Carrieanne McDougall, Martin Jones, Kylie Needham and Tammy Bodini. Absent - Sharon Bartle, Barbara Stewart and Josie Wilmott.

From left to right - Josie Wilmott and Kylie Needham

Year 3 RAC Bike Safety Workshop

The RAC Community Education team engaged the Year 3 students on various aspects of road safety as well as personal safety as a cyclist.  The students examined how a helmet is important for head protection, discussed the usefulness of different types of safety gear, and participated in simple hazard perception.

Grant success....STEM Learning

In January, Safety Bay Primary School was successful in obtaining a $20,000 grant from the Federal Government under the Local Schools Community Fund. In January, Safety Bay Primary School was successful in obtaining a $20,000 grant from the Federal Government under the Local Schools Community Fund.

The Federal Member for Brand, Ms Madeleine King established a panel to assess our application against many other schools in her electorate.  Our application was successful, along with 11 other schools.  This funding enabled the school to upgrade our ICT capacity with an additional 30 iPad Generation 7 devices.  These iPads have been utilised in class to enhance our STEM learning activities.

Learning Environments

Keep on learning environments

Providing our students with safe, clean and well-resourced learning environments to enhance student achievements continues at Safety Bay Primary.  During the April school holidays worn and tired carpets were replaced in many classrooms throughout the school and student toilet areas were freshened up with new painting throughout.  Rusted and worn roofs were replaced to classrooms in Challenger Village, C17 and C18.  The Department’s high priority maintenance funding enabled these works.

Further works will continue this term including replacement of windows for classroom C20, a new Pre Primary gate adjacent to W5 and upgrades to the music room door to the undercover area together with a range of other building maintenance.

Our submission to obtain shade structure grant funding was successful and a budget of $30,000 approved for our project.  There are a number of areas throughout the school where students will benefit from increased shade both for protection from the sun and rain and ultimately increased space for activities in every learning dimension.

Keep watching our ever evolving spaces.

Messages from the office....

We currently have a large amount of lost property at school. We endeavour to return all lost property that is labelled however a good percentage remains unlabelled. Remember to check lost property for any missing school items and please label all your child’s belongings, so they can be returned promptly if misplaced.

We are receiving many phone calls asking for messages to be passed along to children. Office staff are more than happy to pass along urgent emergency messages during school. We ask you to consider the urgency of your message and build reslilience in your children by making plans in advance for different situations. For example - "Please go and wait at the office if I am not there to collect you at the siren."

2023 Kindy and Pre-Primary Enrolments

If your child is four years old by 30 June 2023, you can apply to enrol them in Safety Bay Primary School's Kindy Program. We are currently taking enrolments for 2023, however to avoid disappointment please submit application and documents as soon as possible.

An application can be downloaded from the website or by visiting the school office. Please complete the application and return to the school office with the following supporting documents:

  • Confirmation of address, showing that you reside within our local intake area, in the form of one of the following:

                                     - Utility bill (electricity, gas, water)
                                     - Lease Agreement
                                     - Council Rate notice
(Confirmation of address must be current, and of at least 3 months)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation History Printout Details (Medicare or via Mygov) - Fact Sheet
  • Visa and Passports (if applicable)
  • current Court Orders (if applicable)

(Application forms may be submitted without supporting documentation, though are still a requirement).

Please note that an application does not confirm a child’s placement - selection criteria do apply. 

Kindy Parent Information Booklet

Pre-Primary 2023 
Parents please note that for those students currently enrolled in our 2022 Kindy classes, parents need to re-enrol for Pre-Primary 2023 by completing a new application form, which will be sent home in Term 2 via your child's class. At this time we will also be asking for you to provide your child's 4 year old Immunisation History Printout from Medicare and confirmation of current address. Parents will be notified in writing by end of term three the outcome of their applications.

Immunisation History Printouts
For further assistance on how to obtain a history statement as proof of immunisation please contact: The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) on 1800 653 809 free call from landline only or online Australian Immunisation Register.

Applying to enrol your child

P&C News


A Big Thank You to all who supported the Cookie Dough fundraiser, what a huge success it was.


Thanks to Eleanor Dewhurst for organising the only fundraiser for Term 2!

THANKS TO SAFETY BAY TENNIS CLUB for Donating their club room area for our cookie Dough Distribution Day!

We have welcomed Shaani into the Canteen! Shaani & Kara have been very busy planning HOT DOG DAY for Term 2!! Thank you all for you understanding & support with our canteen operations! COVID has certainly thrown some curve balls!


P&C Meetings via Zoom have been a success.  Everyone is welcome to join us twice a term! New P&C Members are always welcome. We love any input you can give, big or small, we would really love a couple of people to come forward and help organise the fundraisers.  
School Ponytails is an all year round fundraiser! The school makes 20% for all sales & we get special free delivery!! 

Follow us on Facebook for regular updates: Safety Bay Primary School P&C Notice Board
Contact us via email
Safetybaypc@gmail.com or in person at school

Teachers saying goodbye before Easter holidays.
       Teachers waving students goodbye before Easter holidays.

Whats happening at OSH

Just a friendly reminder that Safety Bay Primary has a Before and After school care program on the school grounds.

We operate Monday to Friday from the schools undercover area.

For further information please feel free to visit us during session times or by contacting us on the details below.

Phone- 0419695783

Email- safetybay@oshclub.com.au

Operating times
Before school - 7am till 8:40am Monday to Friday

After school  - 3pm until 6pm Monday, Tuesday Thursday, Friday and 2:30pm till 6pm Wednesdays.


Take a look at just one of our outstanding creative projects we have worked on at Safety Bay OSHClub.


Last year we started the project of collecting plastic bottle tops to donate to an Australian lead initiative to recycle these lids into 3D printing wire to create limbs for amputees. Unfortunately, the initiative was so inundated with lids they couldn’t take anymore donations leaving us with an ever increasing amount of lids with no real idea what to do with them.

We discussed back and forth with the children what we should do, and the idea of an art project was raised. We thought this was a great idea and set about asking parents and guardians to please continue donating plastic lids for us to create this piece of art. 

After some time of thinking back and forth on what image we should create the idea was settled for us by a community initiative called the rainbow walk to make children smile in a rough time due to Covid 19.

As the pictures below show it was a long time and a lot of steps but we got there in the end with a great final product and lots of fun and smiles.