Term 3 eNews

Principal's Word

This year has been something quite different and one I hope we don’t have to experience again. Of course, we are still in the midst of COVID19, even though we have been lucky enough to have a full term of school and almost back to normal in the community. As the Principal of this great school, I am noticing more student behaviours that are out of character, which I am sure as parents you are also noticing.

When COVID19 hit our schools in March, we worked extremely hard to support students and parents with the Working from Home Initiative and keeping the student and teachers connected. We also sent out various resources and information to you, the parents/carers, to help you have discussions and conversations with your children about what was happening as well as some ideas for you to help support them.

I have included a link for parents to view a very good resource that can be used by families to support what is happening with our children at this time. It is titled “Staying Connected With Our Children” and discusses ways we, as adults can minimise the levels of worry or concern they may have. It mentions being honest with them, that people are working hard to keep them safe and healthy, as well as how we can do this.

It is very important that we, as the adults, remain calm, stay positive, encourage positive action as well as being alert for anxious or unusual behaviour. Talk to your child about their fears and try to calm them as much as possible by addressing their concerns openly. Observe any unusual behaviours and discuss these with your child.

I believe we don’t necessarily understand the impact of COVID19 on our students, (your child). It is vitally important, now more than ever, that the connection between home and school is maintained, especially if you are noticing some change in that behaviour. It is not about blaming anyone or thing, but about working together for your child.

At a school level, we are trying very hard to keep things as normal as possible. Recently we have had some brilliant days that enabled the students and parents to celebrate and enjoy school, notably our two special assemblies, (Book Week Dress-up Day and Be You/RUOK/Autism Awareness Day) and Faction Carnival Days. These events created a positive atmosphere for the school and that connection, that is important for our children. We also have the Learning Journey tomorrow.

Thank you to those parents who are regularly providing feedback, both positive and constructive about how and what we are doing for our kids. As has been spoken about regularly, we are all in this together, so let’s work through it together for the most important people in our lives.

I want to pass on my appreciation for the P&C and their outstanding efforts, especially with the Faction Carnival Sausage Sizzle. It's amazing how when the pressure is on how people just step up to the plate and help out. I’m not sure how much was raised but the team work was exceptional. Thank you.

Early next term we will begin the process of placing children in their classes for 2021. Please put any requests for class placement in writing as soon as possible. These requests should be made based on sound educational grounds. Please remember that a request for a specific teacher is not appropriate. We intend to have classes ready for Transition Day in Week 8 Term 4.

Happy holidays everyone and we look forward to seeing you back at school in Term 4.

Wayne McKay

Be Brave, Be Strong, BE YOU!

Many people agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the fabric of how we interact as individuals, family and even a community. Even as we become accustomed to the familiar narrative of enforced and relaxed restrictions, we know that a person’s mental wellbeing becomes vitally important. As a Be You school, Safety Bay Primary School’s vision is to make our learning community positive, inclusive and resilient. We want to create a place where every child, educator and family can achieve their best possible mental health. Apart from the activities undertaken in classrooms, there are also intervention programmes such as SWAT and Rhythm2Recovery that support specific groups of students.

To reinforce this message of fostering a mentally healthy community, we began observing “Be You Day” last year to celebrate the uniqueness of every Safety Bay Primary School student. Incidentally, the idea for this day was seeded by our own student, Eka of C14 (who opened the assembly). “Be You Day” also coincides with “R U OK? Day” that encourages us to support each other’s mental health. Also included in this year’s Be You Day assembly is a celebration of Autism Awareness Day. Our choir and school leaders performed items that drove home crucial messages such as “be proud of who I am”, “how to check-in with someone”, “how to help someone seek help”, and “you can be the light in someone’s life” – all of which empower our students towards being positive and productive members in their own spheres of life.                                                                                          


Safety Bay Sports

Term 3 is our busiest term for Physical Education at Safety Bay Primary. We had our Interschool Cross Country, Year 4-6 Long jump, 800m races and we finished off the term with our two Faction Athletic Carnivals in week 9.

All the way back in week 3, Safety Bay Primary attended the annual RASSA interschool Cross Country at Lark Hill. 64 students from year 3 to 6 were selected to attend the carnival and represent the school in the events. The students competed in either a 1.5km (year 3 and 4) or 2km (year 5 and 6) race that tested them both physically and mentally. The conditions on the day were challenging for both the competitors and spectators as there were strong winds that made for a cooler than expected temperature. Safety Bay was very successful both on and off the track with our year 3,4 & 6 boys and our year 5&6 girls winning their events. This meant that Safety Bay was awarded the Champion School Shield which is now proudly displayed in the admin office. All the students who represented the school at this event are to be congratulated on their efforts in both the lead up to the carnival and on the day. There were lunch time training sessions and morning fitness routines that the students participated in so that they were fit and firing for the carnival. Mrs White and I were both very proud of all the students for the sportsmanship they showed and continue to show at these big events. I witnessed many of our students congratulating students from other school on their efforts as well as supporting and cheering on all the competitors.  
Interschool Results (top 2 only)

Year 3 girls
Maya Rasitto  C12- 1st
Shyla Fitzgerald C12 – 4th

Year 3 Boys
Rylan Clark S7- 1st
Easton Wilson S7-3rd

Year 4 Girls
Halle Carter - 2nd
Grace Ramplin  P8- 16th

Year 4 Boys 
Noah White  C13- 2nd
Caleb White C14- 5th

Year 5 Girls
Jasmine Moses  C16 – 3rd
Matilda McDougall C15- 9th

Year 5 Boys
Ty SimpsonC15- 6th
Ritchie Hodgson C17- 14th

Year 6 Girls
Annabelle McCaskie C19-3rd
Emerald Halbert C18- 6th 

Year 6 Boys
McKenna Pringle C19 - 4th
Trey Thomas C21 - 10th




Champion School

Safety Bay
Rockingham Lakes
Rockingham Beach
East Waikiki
Port Kennedy



In week 9 of term 3 we held our two Faction Athletic Carnivals. This is the highlight on the PE calendar every year and our 2020 carnivals did not disappoint. The weather for both days was fantastic and it was great to see all the students in their faction coloured shirts supporting each other and showing great sportsmanship. This year we had a bit of a different setup to the norm but I was pleased to hear so much positive feedback from teachers, students and spectators about how smooth the carnival ran and how much people enjoyed both days. Red faction took out both the junior and the senior carnival which is the first time since 2014 that a faction has done the double. It is also worth mentioning that it has been 11 years since Red Faction has won the Senior Carnival! Mrs White and I also would like to thank all staff, the P&C and the parent volunteers for all the support in the lead up to the carnivals and on the day.

In term 4 we look forward to the upcoming RASSA Interschool Athletics Carnival in week 4, which is always a fantastic day where selected students from year 1-6 get to represent our school and test themselves against other schools in team games, races and jumps.

Mitch Brown & Sonya White
Physical Education Specialists

Senior Carnival

Science at Safety Bay

This term in Science we have been focusing on learning to identify the independent and dependent variables in our investigations  as well as looking at our results and comparing them to our predictions.. We have been learning these through investigations about different types of physical science

In Year 3 we have been learning about how heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another.                                         

The Year 4 classes have been learning how forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance We have also had loads of fun learning about magnets and how and why they attract or repel.

The Year 5 students have been looking at different light sources and how shadows are formed as well as how light can be absorbed, reflected and refracted. We have also used the iPads to helps learn how and why we see different colours.

The Year 6 classes have been investigating how electrical energy can be transferred and transformed in electrical circuits and can be generated from a range of sources.

We have all enjoyed being back in the science room and having opportunity to work together in small cooperative learning teams  conducting lots of different investigations about the different topics we have covered as well as having the opportunity to discuss our thoughts and ideas around the different topics.  


What's been happening in Maths

Highlight on Year 1
Visible Learning is an integral component of the teaching of numeracy concepts at Safety Bay Primary School.

By establishing Curriculum linked Learning Intentions students are able to understand, and articulate what they are learning. Through the co-construction of Success Criteria, students are also able to identify what they need to be able to demonstrate to be a successful learner, and also what their future learning goals might be.

Effective Feedback and reflection on learning helps students and teachers to immediately identify any misconceptions. To support this process teachers use a variety of Visible Learning based strategies such as Retrieval Practice and Solo Taxonomy to check for student understanding, and develop students ability to “pull out” the knowledge that they know and to examine it.

Photos demonstrate, Exit Card strategies to help students retrieve learned knowledge. Prompt feedback is provided by the teacher to address any misconceptions.

Kahoot quick quiz used as a Retrieval Practice strategy to again help students retrieve learnt knowledge.

Solo Taxonomy used as a quick Diagnostic and Formative assessment strategy to ascertain students understanding of teaching and learning concepts.

These teaching and learning strategies help students become self-reflective, autonomous, and assessment capable learners.

C17 Build a Tiny House

Book Week, Book Fair and Curious Creatures everywhere!

It is always exciting at Safety Bay during term 3…. Book Week, Book Fair and Curious Creatures everywhere!

In Pre-Primary students have been exploring fairy tales. Climbing beans stalks, crossing bridges and building houses that don’t blow down. Once upon a time has never been so exciting!

W1 and W2 have also been inspired by fairy tales while writing their narratives throughout the term. Students have been using VCOP to up-level their writing during their Big Write planning sessions and completing Talk Homework before they write. Dragons, castles, big bad wolves and magical elements made sure all
their characters lived happily ever after. Fairy tale themed Sock Puppets are currently under construction.

Friday 28 August was the Safety Bay Primary School book week parade. The atmosphere was electric as students dressed as their favourite book character danced, pranced and skipped across our school. Thank you for all the parents who supported this amazing event. Students also participated in a Story Walk celebrating the theme, Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. The book Hieronymus Betts and His Unusual Pets, by MP Patterson was read by students and teachers as they followed a trail around the school.

The Book Week Competition received overwhelming support across all year levels and the entries for Create a Creature theme were outstanding. The Literacy Committee has been working hard to choose exceptional entries from our students to be displayed and viewed in the Widi Miya alcove. Students will be able to vote for their favourite creatures and all winners will be revealed at the Week 10 assembly.

A very big thank you to all our wounderful parents, students and staff who supported the 2020 Scholastic Book Fair. The school will receive $886.00 in rewards as commission due to purchases made during the Book Fair.


Performing Arts News

This year has certainly presented some challenges in Performing Arts with our two main choir festivals being cancelled and even the sharing of instruments in the classroom being very limited at times. However we are creative and resilient and have been doing some amazing work nonetheless! Our Junior Choir and Senior Choir are back in full swing and those who attended the latest assembly will no doubt be very impressed with how our school choirs performed. They are doing amazing things and they are sounding fantastic! If you missed this performance they will also be singing at the School Music Concert on 4th December. More details will be provided about this in term 4 through Connect.

At present the Year 4s are undergoing a selection process for the Education Department’s Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS program). Our school offers tuition in clarinet, brass, classical guitar and flute. These free instrumental lessons commence in Year 5 and continue through to Year 10 in high schools which offer the program. Expression of Interest letters will go out soon to shortlisted students and first round offers will go out at the start of term 4.

Parents, thank you again for supporting your children with their creative endeavours, whatever these may be. Mary Lou Cook said “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules and having fun.”  In other words being a kid!!

And a very famous scientist once said…

Sally Quealy
Performing Arts Specialist


Learning a second language can assist students become more aware of their native language. This is through comparing and noticing the differences and similarities between the languages. The Indonesian language has absorbed words from the English, Sanskrit, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch and other Austronesian languages and students often note this aspect.

This term the Indonesian Language Programme for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Safety Bay Primary saw minor changes. Ibu Tamyn-Leigh is no longer at school as she explores other options. Ibu Marianne had to avail Long Service Leave but is back now. We are grateful for Bapak Ross Griffin who stepped into his Indonesian shoes and taught the language classes.

Years 3/4 are reflecting on learning and using language based around their classroom and school. They are learning to ask questions in Indonesian, “Do you have ....?” “No, I do not have ....”. They followed Sam and Sri to their respective schools in Australia and Indonesia. Students listened to Sam’s mother ask him what he had in his school bag. Language students noted the differences / similarities between the two school routines. If all goes well, there will be a video in our next newsletter attached of a presentation of students using the language.

Years 5 and 6 will use Google Maps to find a suitable restaurant in Jawa next week. During the school holidays will be a good time to look at Jakarta on Google maps and find important landmarks such as Monas, Jakarta Cathedral, Merdeka Square and Taman Suropati etc. Term 4 is centred around what goes into Indonesian food and some of the names of traditional dishes. Students are learning to describe taste and have had some local tidbits from Asian shops. The Indonesian Language assessment is based on ordering Indonesian food and being able to communicate with the waiter.

An interesting fact is that all Indonesians learn Bahasa Indonesia which is the National Language at school and not at home. At home, they learn their own native tongue and Indonesia has 350 languages.

Sampai Jumpa or till we meet again.

Ibu Manjeet
Indonesian Teacher

Bug Man comes to Kindy!

This term the kindy children have been learning about insects. To extend the children’s knowledge we had Phil the Bug Man visit us. He brought along many different insects for us to learn about. Some of them we were only allowed to look at like the stick insects, crickets and the spiders of course. Others we were able to scoop up and hold so we could look at a little more closely like the meal worms, beetles and snails. Phil even brought his frogs in and we were able to see him feed them with crickets and flies. We learnt more about the lifecycle of a silkworm and a butterfly and were able to explore the different stages with Phil. We are now eagerly awaiting our class silkworms to spin and hatch into moths. It was a great morning learning, listening and experiencing the bugs with Phil, he is a very informative man.


Year 6 Dare Adventure Camp

In week 8, 7 - 9 September Year 6 students headed off on camp. This year there was a change of venue to The Dare Adventure Camp in Dwellingup. Here are some of their reflection on activities undertaken at camp.

C17 Kwinana STEM Project

As part of the Kwinana STEM Network, C17 joined a class at Calista Primary School to undertake a STEM Activity.

We researched the Olympic Games and the significance of the Olympic Flame Relay. In groups, we researched countries in North and South America, completed an informative writing task, drew a large size artwork of each country and identified a possible route that the flame relay may take to visit the significant landmarks in those countries.

We honed our coding skills using code.org and investigated programming a Sphero to ‘carry’ the flame. We designed a uniform for the flame carriers for each country, drew it on a body cut-out and glued it to a plastic cup before using the Sphero to move the cup around our map.

Mr Pudney 
C17 Teacher

P&C News


A Big Thank You to all who supported the Salvos collection fundraiser, a great success it waand we raised $875 Raised.

Thank you to Jill Erikssen for being the organiser for both fundraisers for Term 3.  Jill is always there for the school community and P&C, we appreciate you so much!  
A special thanks goes out to Corrine Moseley who is also always hard at work for the P&C and supporting all events.

Thanks to our vice president, Hannah Kalkman who worked with Jill Erikssen on the Sausage Sizzle fundraiser.  Also too our Treasurer Kathryn Bunting, who puts in so much effort with the P&C and Janelle Fleay, who supports the P&C whenever asked.


P&C will say goodbye to managing the canteen at the end of Term 3, 2020!  There has been so much hard work, time, effort, laughs, tears and memories made within Penguin Pantry.  As of Term 4, Katie from Kingston’s Kitchen will be taking over.  Safety Bay Primary School has outsourced the canteen to Katie for Term 4.   We wish Katie and her team all the best.  Follow Katie at https://www.facebook.com/Kingstons-kitchen-101214291627431

A very big THANK YOU to all our Penguin Pantry staff and volunteers who have done an exceptional job in the canteen.


P&C Meetings via Zoom have been a success.  Everyone is welcome to join us twice a term! New P&C Members are always welcome.

Come along to one of our meetings, we have nibbles, laughs and sometimes a wine. We love any input you can give, big or small. 

P&C needs your help, we need more volunteers to help organise events.
If you have never done events before, it’s OK, most of us start that way.
We have lots of support and the more people we have help the easier it is.
Email Safetybaypc@gmail.com for more info.

School Ponytails is an all year round fundraiser! The school makes 20% for all sales & we get special free delivery!!

Follow us on Facebook for regular updates: Safety Bay Primary School P&C Notice Board

Contact us via email Safetybaypc@gmail.com 

Triple P at Safety Bay

Dates to Remember


Tuesday 15/12 Presentation Assembly

Wed 16/12   Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

Please refer to school website for up to date information.

Community Information

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2023 Kindy and Pre-Primary Enrolments

If your child is four years old by 30 June 2023, you can apply to enrol them in Safety Bay Primary School's Kindy Program. We are currently taking enrolments for 2023, however to avoid disappointment please submit application and documents as soon as possible.

An application can be downloaded from the website or by visiting the school office. Please complete the application and return to the school office with the following supporting documents:

  • Confirmation of address, showing that you reside within our local intake area, in the form of one of the following:

                                     - Utility bill (electricity, gas, water)
                                     - Lease Agreement
                                     - Council Rate notice
(Confirmation of address must be current, and of at least 3 months)

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation History Printout Details (Medicare or via Mygov) - Fact Sheet
  • Visa and Passports (if applicable)
  • current Court Orders (if applicable)

(Application forms may be submitted without supporting documentation, though are still a requirement).

Please note that an application does not confirm a child’s placement - selection criteria do apply. 

Kindy Parent Information Booklet

Pre-Primary 2023 
Parents please note that for those students currently enrolled in our 2022 Kindy classes, parents need to re-enrol for Pre-Primary 2023 by completing a new application form, which will be sent home in Term 2 via your child's class. At this time we will also be asking for you to provide your child's 4 year old Immunisation History Printout from Medicare and confirmation of current address. Parents will be notified in writing by end of term three the outcome of their applications.

Immunisation History Printouts
For further assistance on how to obtain a history statement as proof of immunisation please contact: The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) on 1800 653 809 free call from landline only or online Australian Immunisation Register.

Applying to enrol your child