2021 Back In Full Swing!

Principal's Word

Following an unexpected start to the year, it has been so pleasing to welcome all of our families back to our school and to share our learning journeys together this term.   

I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every member of our community for the commitment to making our school such a special place to be and to learn. Every day I see our students coming to school smiling and engaging with their peers and teachers. They are eager, they are excited, and they have found a place to belong.

‘Everyone Belongs’ was the theme of our Harmony Day assembly last week.  In the lead up to the event I had the opportunity to discuss with many students the reasons they value diversity and how our 5R values contribute to our inclusive community.  They spoke passionately about kindness, about being a good friend and ways we can learn from each other. 

Belonging does not exist without acceptance. And acceptance does not occur without the efforts of a community. As a community, we are stronger collectively because of our individual differences and our ability to believe in the positive intentions of others. Let us continue to work together to keep our school a place we are proud to belong.

As we reach the end of the term, I also would like to express my appreciation to the members of the P&C and those that volunteered for the Colour Explosion Run.  The event was a huge success, behind which was an even bigger effort on behalf of the P&C.  Our students are going to receive great benefit from the event’s fundraising in the form of equipment to further our STEM programs.  Sincere thanks to Erin Fadden, outgoing President of the P&C, for the contribution to our school during your tenure in the president role.  We are incredibly fortunate to have such an engaged and collaborative P&C supporting our school community.

I wish all of our families a safe and enjoyable holiday period.  It is my hope that you are able to spend this time with family and friends, doing the things that bring you happiness together.  I look forward to seeing everyone back in Term 2 for more exciting learning opportunities.

Mrs Lauren Milne

Science at Safety Bay

This term in Science we have been busy looking at all things biological. The  Pre-Primary students have been working with Miss Rose learning about how living things all have basic needs and the year 1 and 2 students have been working with Mrs Hill learning about how things grow and change and how their external features help them to survive in their environment. All this learning will be supported in the Dinosaur In School Performance they have attended this week. I know that they are excited and I am certainly looking forward to hearing about all things dinosaur from them.

The year 3-6 students have also been learning about all things biological in the science room with me. We have been looking at how scientists classify animals, different life cycles, adaptations and how changes in the environment have an effect on living things.

The year 3 and 4 students have enjoyed watching our tadpoles move through their life cycle. This was a great opportunity for many to see our tadpoles change. As the year 3 students gain a better understanding on how scientist classify animals into different groups the year 4 students are learning that ecosystems are very fragile and that all animals depend on each other for survival.

In year 5 we have looked at adaptations and how they help different animals survive. After our investigation into the importance of opposable thumbs I am sure that there are a few students who now look at their thumbs differently 😊 It was a fun investigation that had us all laughing as we tried to race against the clock to complete different activities without the use of our thumbs – it was not as easy as we predicted but it did give us a chance to practise representing our data in the form of a graph. Students have also been practising their science inquiry skills by learning to recognise the different variables in an investigative question and are gaining a better understanding of fair testing in science.

Year 6 students have done a  number of different investigations around how changing the environment can have an effect on a living organism. We have also been practising our science inquiry skills with a focus on, using the variables to write a question and recognising any safety precautions that need to be taken during investigations.

Next term we are focusing on the chemical sciences and will finish the term with an in school performance around forensic science that ties in both the biological and chemical sciences as well as helping students develop their science inquiry skills.                                                                                                       

Some of our year 1, 2 and 4 classes had a great time building the worm farms  our school was able to purchase with the Waste Wise grant  we received last year.

Mrs Sue McCulloch
Science Teacher

Sports News

Term 1 is always a frenetic and busy time for Physical Education at Safety Bay Primary. We saw the return of our Summer Lightning Carnival and the Interschool Swimming Carnival after a year hiatus.

Our first event started all the way back in week 4 when Safety Bay Primary held our swimming trials at the Rockingham Aquatic Centre, where this event is used to select the Swim Team for the Carnival in Week 9. 56 Students from years 4-6 went to the trials to compete in 50m Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle races. It was a fantastic event with warm temperatures making it a very pleasurable experience for the students. There were some very fast times during the races and it was great to see so many students giving their best and supporting each other. At the time of writing  our Interschool Swim Team has been selected and training hard in the lead up to what will be a successful carnival both in and out of the pool.

On Thursday 11 March Safety Bay Primary had 64 students represent the school at the RASSA Summer Lightning Carnival. The Summer Carnival has three different sports at three different venues

Our two soccer teams travelled to Safety Bay High School, two netball teams played at the Mike Barnett Stadium and European Handball at the Warnbro Rec Centre. This proved very popular with the children who attended.

Congratulations to all of our students who reportedly had a great day, with very pleasing sportsmanship and behaviour shown by Safety Bay Primary School participants. It is always a pleasure to take these children away to events like this when they conduct themselves so well.

There were six schools represented at each of the carnivals: Safety Bay, Charthouse, Port Kennedy, Rockingham Beach, East Waikiki and Rockingham Lakes.

Our results for the day were:


“A” –  Winners!   ;  “B” –  Winners!  

OVERALL: 1st - WINNERS of the shield.

Thank you to Mrs White for all your hard work in coaching and training in the lead up to the carnival and on the day.


Boys –  6th   ;  Girls  - 5th 

OVERALL: 5th     

Thank you to Miss Harris for coaching and training leading up to the carnival and on the day for your fabulous organisation on the day.

European Handball:

“A” –  1st Winners!  ;  “B”  -  3rd 

OVERALL:  1st - WINNERS of the shield

Thank you to Mr Pudney for coaching and training leading up to the day and also umpiring at the carnival and to Mrs Devine and Mrs Hennegen for helping support the team on the day.

We had a large number of parents who came along and supported our children, some of whom assisted with scoring and helping out – a big thank you to them as well.

Mr Mitch Brown and Mrs Sonya White
Physical Education Teachers

Performing Arts News

Term 1 has seen our school choirs grow to record numbers. We are hoping to participate in both the Rockingham Junior Choir Festival in Term 2 (date TBC) and the One Big Voice festival at the RAC Arena in the evening concert on the Friday 20 August.

I have had excellent feedback from instrumental teachers about music lessons for year 5 and 6 students in brass, clarinet, guitar and flute. Expressions of Interest for the instrumental music program for all year 4 students will go out in mid Term 3. Testing will be at the end of Term 3 and selection of beginner students for 2022 will be finalised by mid Term 4.

Projects we have been enjoying in Performing Arts this term include reading and creating music using graphic scores and standard notation, Samba drumming and ukulele. In drama we have been working on improvisation, character development and mime.

Mrs Sally Quealy
Performing Arts Teacher

Indonesian Language Musings

The year 3 students are acquiring knowledge about Indonesian greetings and numbers and are learning a second language, formally for the first time. Most students have learned to sing some Indonesian songs, please encourage them to sing it for you as it will delight you. I am pleased that my students can make perfectly good meaning of the conversations when watching simple Indonesian videos. There are some photographs of students’ work included in this article.                                                                   

Elyra from C12 brought in a story book that was a gift from Bali which she wanted to share with her class mates. It was an interesting story about the insects and animals of Indonesia. All the animals and insects complain about each other until they realise that Mother Nature has a superior plan to make sure that they are all looked after. There are photographs of the students’ amazing imagination which inspired them to complete drawings of the” Gecko’s Compliant”.

Year 4 students have created storyboards of their daily routine and have done a great job of using Indonesian phrases to describe their “rutinitas”. They have learned the similarities and differences of the sounds of the Indonesian Alphabet and can sound out their names.

Year 5 students are realising how the Indonesian Currency has a different value to ours. The task of spending Rp 200,000 for lunch was exciting. They needed to order their lunch using an Indonesian Language catalogue. The total spend was then converted into Australian currency which sparked a pleasant surprise of the prices that prevail in Indonesia. Students are learning to use numbers that run into millions which is a part and parcel of life when shopping in Indonesia.

Year 6 students are completing a class task of writing an interview and then performing a role play in pairs. Their tasks when ready will find their way into the next newsletter so that parents/carers may compliment them on their achievement.

Terima kasih

Ibu Manjeet
Indonesian Language Teacher

STEM Night

What are these STEM nights?                                                            

They are a chance for students to come along with an adult(mum/dad/granddad/aunt/uncle/carer/friend) and have a great time together designing and building whatever the challenge asks for. This term we invited the year 5 and 6 students to come along and were given the challenge to construct a robot out of recycled robots.

On  the night we gave out a success criteria:

  1. Had at least 1 moving part
  2. Hold itself up
  3. Suitable for a 4 year old to play.

The parents and students that joined us on the night had a great time. I know that all the teachers involved, Mr Siculna, Mr Pudney, Mr Leo,  Mr Cook and myself had a great time.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Lorraine from our P&C and Lucas from SciTech who were more than willing to act as our judges for the night. I was and I know Mrs Milne was as well, happy to hand the judging over to Lorraine and Lucas as all the robots were just amazing.

Our winners were:

  1. The robot that met all 3 of our success criteria  - Ruby Bruce
  2. Most creative moving part - Oliver Spencer
  3. Most creative name  - Reuban Moseley
  4. Cleanest work space - Cooper Gillett
  5. Most student involvement – Halle Carter


Below is some of the feedback that we received from our parents on the night.

“love the challenges and chance to bond with my child. Fantastic evening – many thanks”

“ I liked the choice of resources at our disposal and the positive encouragement from staff and Scitech crew”

“thank you very much for giving both parents and children the opportunity to experience this.”

And some from the students that attended....

I went to the STEM night last night and it was really fun. We had to build a robot that was good for a 4 year old. There also had to be one moving part. My moving part was that the cogs on the inside can move also my arms moved. I won the award for the best moving part. My robot name was Captain Cog. I had such a great time and I hope I can do it again. Oliver C19

I liked STEM night it was cool :). Rory C20

At STEM night i built a robot duck with my dad and it had strings inside it so that when I pulled it the wings flapped up and down. There was also there was a string in the head so when you pulled the string the mouth opened and closed. I won a prize for the most creative name. The name was Professor George J Duck and it was really cool and fun.  Reuben C20

I loved STEM night and I can't believe that I won overall. I  can't wait till the next 5/6 stem night.  Ruby C20

Culture Through Sport

Indigenous students and a nominated friend from Pre Primary to Year 6 were lucky enough to be a part of the Culture Through Sports (CTS) sessions this week, and two separate sessions a few weeks before that.

Our first session was with some coaches from the Stephen Michael foundation, which is named after a famous Aboriginal WA footballer. Trevor, a Noongar elder, shared some noongar language with us and we looked at famous Aboriginal sports people throughout history. Did you know that the world’s current number one female tennis player is Ash Barty, a proud Australian and Indigenous person?
Trevor explained his connection to Lance Buddy Franklin, one of the highest paid AFL players, who came from a small country town and described watching him play country footy. He also talked about how some country towns names come from Noongar words like Wagin, which comes from weitj meaning emu.

We then played some Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games, one was called Borna Jokee which used to be played with blunt spears and young men played it to practise their aiming skills. Another game was called dabi, which was a bit like hockey. Trevor talked about how when he grew up, he played a version of this using sticks from a tree to hit around a can. Edor was another game from the Torres Strait Islands game which meant ‘running game’, and we used sashes which was fun.                           

Our second session we met Bruce, who was also a Noongar elder. He shared lots of information about welcome to country, different dialects of Noongar people and we had a puzzle activity to find out what Noongar country looked like on the map. Bruce showed a video of how Indigenous people were treated by European settlers, missions and how the oval ball was introduced to Aboriginal people. We then played Gorri, a game from the Northern Territory where you throw balls at a target – we used a fitball which was fun to aim at. kal-ka-doon kee-an was another game where you had to land a ball into a hoop next to a target, and wana wana was a catching and hitting game played by some Noongar girls in history.

It was awesome to learn about Indigenous culture, and we hope you enjoyed hearing and seeing what we learned.

Presented by Lachlan, Koen, Gabby, Ella, Mitch and Finn at week 8 assembly.

Dinosaurs at Safety Bay!

This week our Kindy to year 2 students became palaeontologists and had to dig and identify fossils from some of giants of the past. They saw replica fossils from Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and the mighty Triceratops. They were able to use these fossils to learn about when each dinosaur lived, where they came from and what they ate.  From the squeals and giggles that I heard in the science room it sounded like they were having a lot of fun and learning lots about these mysterious reptiles from long ago. 

Mrs Sue McCulloch
Science Teacher

RAC Road Safety Workshop

Term 1, week 5 the RAC presented a road safety workshop focused on bicycle safety.  Students learnt to identify risk in the places where they usually cycle or skate.  This helped form an awareness that some places are safer to cycle or skate than others.  The students also examined good practices in cycling or skating.  For example, the importance of a helmet and how to adjust for a good fit.  In all, the students were encouraged to help spread the road safety message and be good role model to others.

Mr Alvin Leo
Year 3 Teacher

Samba Drums

The staff dedicated Friday’s assembly to the students completing their first six weeks of the new school year.  To commemorate this special occasion, they opened the assembly with a rousing samba drum performance.  A few days earlier, the staff met to learn and practice the assembly item.  The students were thrilled by the surprise performance and many spent the day asking about drumming rhythms.

Safety Bay Housekeeping

Payments to School

As you may be aware Safety Bay Primary School is endeavouring to go cashless and paperless for all charges, contributions and excursion/ in school performances payments. Preferred methods of payment are:

  • Qkr - Download App to your phone for electronic permissions – NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD/PRINT PERMISSION FORMS!
  • Direct deposit through internet banking – NAB 086 918 Account 02 949 1771 REF ‘Student Name’. Permission forms can be completed and sent via email to: safetybay.ps.permissions@education.wa.edu.au
  • EFTPOS at the front office
  • Deduct from ‘Advanced Payments Excursions/In School Performances’. Please be aware that permission forms need to be completed for this payment method. Complete permission forms via:
  1. email to safetybay.ps.permissions@education.wa.edu.au OR
  2. via Qkr! App selecting Prepaid ‘Excursion Name’ OR
  3. complete permission form at front office.


Please contact the office if you require any assistance 9591 6800.


Safety Bay Primary School uses Connect to keep you updated with information. Information about excursion/in school performances, classroom activities and news is all sent via email notification through Connect.

Students school reports are also accessible at any time via Connect.

If you are not receiving Connect notifications or are having trouble accessing Connect please contact the school on 9591 6800 or call in and see the staff at the front office.

Parents’ Guide to Connect 

Medication at School

Medication is not to be kept in students’ school bags at school.

If your child requires medication to be administered at school a medical form needs to be completed by parents or caregivers at the front office. Under no circumstances will medication be administered without completion of medical forms.

Lost Property

As we transition to cooler weather, jumpers and jackets tend to get left behind during play time.

Please remember to clearly label all your child’s clothing and school items, so that if misplaced they can be returned promptly.

Lost property that is not claimed is donated as Second-hand Uniforms or to charity.

Important Dates

Please remember to check the Events Calendar on front page of Safety Bay Primary Schools website for all upcoming events at school.

Waste Free Wednesday

What is Waste Free Wednesday?

Every Wednesday, families and school staff are encouraged to avoid single-use packaging for lunch and snacks. The aim is to have a day a week without any waste.

Why are we doing it?

Here at Safety Bay Primary School, we are trying to reduce the impact we have on the environment. We want to demonstrate Respect and Responsibility by looking after each other and the world around us.

The school is already doing great things like reusing paper and other items for activities and artworks. There is also a really big recycling bin near the year 6 classrooms. Cutting down on printed notes also makes a big difference.

All of these actions mean that less waste ends up in landfill – you might know this place as the ‘tip’. At the tip, rubbish is squashed down and buried under ground. A lot of the rubbish will take hundreds and hundreds of years to break down. When the hole at the tip fills up then another place needs to be found to start the process again.

We can help reduce our school’s waste even more by bringing in less single-use wrappers and packaging. If we all make small changes it will make a big difference!

What can parents do?

Support from parents and carers is so important.

The best place to start is to reduce extra packaging. This can be done by buying the large pack and separating portions into containers for school lunches and snacks. Things like chips, biscuits, and yoghurt can be served into your own snack cups ready for school. There are also things such as whole fruit that don’t need to be put into anything at all. Not only does this cut down on lots of wrappers going into the bin, but it works out to be a lot cheaper too!

Sending food in reusable containers, pouches or wraps is great too. Plastic and metal lunch boxes, fabric and wax wraps, drink bottles are all things that can be cleaned and reused countless times. This doesn’t need to be expensive either. Most op shops have great quality, clean lunch boxes and snack containers that would be perfect for school.

Another thing you can do is dispose of any packaging you do have in the correct way. Cardboard, rinsed hard plastic, tins and glass can all go into the yellow lid bin for recycling. Clean and dry soft plastics can be gathered together and put into the RedCycle bin the next time you go to Coles or Woolies.

Setting up a compost bin or worm farm is a great way to keep food scraps out of landfill too.

Get the kids involved! Your children can help to clean and sort these things – or feed the worms! – so that it doesn’t go into landfill but can be made into something new or become soil for the garden.

What can students do?

As I just said, you can help at home and you can also help by putting things into the correct bins at school. That way, things like paper, hard plastic, tins and glass can be recycled and made into something new!

If you do have any soft plastic packaging like glad wrap, plastic bags, plastic food wrappers or snap lock bags, then they could be put back into your lunch box to be rinsed and taken to RedCycle. You can help at home with this.

You can help one another at school as well. If your classmates aren’t sure what to do with their used packaging then you can help them work out where it goes.

If you have your own ideas about how we can look after each other and our environment then please share them!

Thank you for your support!

WasteWise Fact Sheet

Mrs Sally Quealy
Sustainability Team

Sustainability at Safety Bay

This term has seen exciting developments with the formation of our Sustainability Action Team. These Eco-Warriors have been busy planning for actions and initiatives to commence in Term 3. They have also been working at lunch times to clean up and care for the Frog Pond Garden. Next term we will be kick-starting the following initiatives:


This is aimed at reducing waste that goes in to school bins and landfill. Buying in bulk and packing portions in to reusable containers reduces a huge amount of waste each year. We are hoping to start with Wednesdays with the possibility of adding more days later in the year.


As yet we have not had many donations for our Containers for Change bins. Donations ensure that single use containers are recycled properly and they also raise money for our school. Containers for Change offer incentives for schools that contribute the largest donations so please bring your containers in each Wednesday afternoon for collection at C19 (demountable classroom near oval).

The Sustainablility Team

P&C News

WE ARE STARTING 2021 WITH A BANG! Of Colour Explosion!!

The awesomeness that has been the 2021 Colour Explosion Fun Run would not have been possible if not for the gargantuan efforts of our new Fundraising Co-ordinator Sammi Lucas and Loraine Harding, all the volunteers who gave their time on the day, the Navy personnel and the support and assistance from the teachers and staff at school, we are blessed to have such an impressive school community.

A very special shout out and big thanks goes to Katie at Kingston Kitchens for donation of the Zooper Doopers to cool off after the run. Thank you, Katie, so much for your contribution.

While fun is always important, there was a much more interesting purpose behind the Colour Explosion. The fundraiser was held to aid in supplying new STEM Trolleys and equipment. Withthe final cut off for fundraising almost here the P&C is so excited to share that with the help of the whole school community we have smashed our goal and raised a total $8,147!!!!
 A few special mentions go out to Tim Pettet and Jonathan Peace, who gave their whole day, jumping in and helping from set up to pack up. Mrs London, all the extra time you put in to assistwith organisation was exceptional and so beneficial. Thank You!!!!

Democracy Bake Sale

Nothing beats a Democracy Sausage…. except for CAKE and COOKIES!

Having back-to-back fundraisers can be difficult to manage, everyone is busy, but thanks to the brilliant Deirdre Atkinson-Byrne, the P&C was able to hold a bake sale to fundraise for the purchase of canvases for the students Art Exhibition, which we are super excited to support.

Thanks to the massive amounts of baked goodies supplied by the bakers within our community we were able to raise $1300!! Another tremendously successful effort.

Meet the New Team for 2021

The P&C AGM was held 9 March and all Office Bearers and Appointments were filled. We always welcome new members anytime of the year.

Filling the Office Bearer Positions:                 

  • President is Janelle Fleay
  • Vice President is Erin Fadden
  • Secretary is Sarah Piccoli
  • Treasurer is Kathryn Bunting.

Supportive as always we also have six new Executive Members: Hannah Kalkman, Eleanor Dewhurst, Jonathan Peace, Sammi Lucas, Emma Lohoar and Ashley Cragan.

As parents and carers we lead busy lives, and so, as a volunteer we would only ask for you to give the time you can spare. It’s a great way to get to know some other parents, get involved with the school and have your say on how the P&C can help the school.

If you have fundraising ideas, feel free to forward your ideas to the P&C email, safetybaypc@gmail.com. We love ideas, and we love people who are open to organise these fundraising ideas!

The next P&C meeting will be held in the Conference Room Tuesday 27 April 2021 at 1.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend!!

Follow us on Facebook for regular updates: Safety Bay Primary School P&C Notice Board

Contact us via email safetybaypc@gmail.com 


Calling all Dads, Grandpas and Uncles!!!

We need your help to save the surprise for Mum! With more help from you, running the stall thekids can hide the gifts from Mums and Nannas. A Volunteer Register will be sent out soon via Connect and Facebook.

Please sign up and Save the Surprise for Mum!


The following are the events our Fundraising Team have planned for this year.

Still to come in Term1

  • Crazy Hair Day – Thursday 1 April for a gold coin donation Term 2
  • Mother’s Day Stall – Thursday 6 May
  • PJ Day – Thursday 1 July for a gold coin donation Term 3
  • Sausage Sizzle for Junior and Senior Sports Carnival
  • Sports Colour Day – Thursday 23 September for a gold coin donation Term 4
  • Witches & Wizardry Disco – Friday 12 November


This year the P&C are fundraising to contribute to the following;

  • STEM Trolleys and equipment
  • Art canvases for Art Exhibition
  • One Big Voice bus for Choir
  • Year 6 camp
  • Firefly Think Mentals program
  • Development of a sensory walk
  • 3-wheel bikes for middle/upper primary
  • Pre-Kindy Playgroup
  • Pre-Kindy Beeswax wraps
  • Kindy Café teacher support
  • Sports Carnival Ribbon

Thank you to all our Volunteers for the Colour Explosion

Sammi Lucas, Loraine Harding, Kathryn Bunting, Janelle Fleay, Hannah Kalkman, Matt Kalkman, Eleanor Dewhurst, Chris Richardson, Bonnee Cooper, Sharolyn van Brink, Jonathan Peace, Fiona Saligari, Lee Emmerson, Kristy Brocklehurst, Amber Gross, Andrew Polgar, Stevi Polgar, Corrine Moseley, Michel Lawton, Bec Capes, Alex Capes, Fiona Slater, Marie Osborne, Megan McLeish, Naomi Green, Matt Green, Emma Lahoar, Jacqui Clayton, Christine Berrigan, Tim Pettet, Shannon Discombe and Wendy Rosman.

Thank you to our Bakers and Volunteers for the Election Day Bake Sale

Kathryn Bunting, Deirdre Atkinson-Byrne, Emma Price, Amanda Kenwright,Michel Lawton, Lorraine Cameron, Janelle Fleay, Jacquelin Evans,  Oriole Healy, Teresa Beattie, Morgin Pearce and Megan McLeish

Community News

Safety Bay Primary School does not endorse nor assume any responsibility for the information provided.

The WA Department of Health is funding the Better Health Program in the Perth metropolitan region. The ten week program is available to families both face-to-face and online and we need your help to get the word out to the local community! We are currently accepting registrations, however Term 3 places are filling up fast. In response to high demand we have also scheduled an additional program at Bounce Trampoline Park in Cannington.

What is the Better Health Program?

The Better Health Program is a free, healthy lifestyle program for families.The program is evidence-based and is developed and delivered by qualified health professionals to support families with making sustainable health changes. Children (and their families) are eligible to participate in the program if they are:
    - Aged 7-13 years
    - Above a healthy weight
In Term 3 Face-to-face program locations include:
  • Herb Graham Recreation Centre Mirrabooka, Tuesdays commencing 20th of July 2021
  • George Burnett Leisure Centre Karawara, Wednesdays commencing 21st of July 2021
  • Bounce Cannington, Thursdays commencing 22nd of July 2021
  • Rebound Arena Port Kennedy, Thursdays commencing 22nd of July 2021
For those unable to attend a face-to-face program, the online program includes:
  • Weekly interactive modules
  • Weekly phone coaching support with a health professional
  • Lots of freebies (including a garmin fitness tracker and other great resources)
  • Prizes
Benefits to families:
  • Learn about healthy habits in a fun and engaging way
  • Support and resources to establish healthy habits   
  • Flexible program delivery - Face-to-face in the community or online
For more information or to register please refer to the Better Health Program website

2022 Important Dates

2023 Term Dates:

Term 1   
Wednesday 1 February  - Thursday 6 April 
Term 2   
Monday 24 April  - Friday 30 June
Term 3   
Monday 17 July - Friday 22 Septmeber
Term 4   
Monday 9 October - Thursday 14 December

2023 School Development Days

In 2022 there will be 6 School Development Days (students DO NOT attend)
  • 26 and 27 January (before students start school for 2022)
  • Tuesday 26 April
  • Monday 18 July
  • Monday 10 October
  • Friday 16 December (after students finish for 2022)

Click the link for Department of Education WA Term Dates