Term 2 News

A Message from Mrs Milne

While the end of the term looks a little different than we may have expected, Term 2 has certainly been one to celebrate.  For an eleven-week term, it flew by with many exciting learning opportunities both in and outside of the classroom.  We are incredibly fortunate to have staff and community members that are committed to providing engaging experiences that promote academic, social and emotional growth.

This term, our Year 5 STEM Challenge team have been busy creating their underwater vehicles and I was so pleased to see their proud expressions as they ran their initial test drives.  The STEM Challenge program is facilitated by our Science teacher, Mrs Sue McCulloch, and supported by the Marine Industries School Pathways Program.  We are looking forward to seeing the final vehicles showcased in the near future. 

Our Year 3/4 Family STEM night was another great opportunity for students to demonstrate their creative and critical thinking skills as they designed elaborate newspaper bridges.  These STEM nights are proving very popular with more families participating every time.  Keep your eye out for news about the Year 1/2 night coming up in Term 3! 

This term has also seen the launch of our Student Action Teams.  The Student Action Teams are a further opportunity to promote student voice and leadership as student engage in meaningful community based activities to enhance our school environment. These have already included leading the NAIDOC celebration assembly (Culturally Responsive Action Team) and working to improve our frog pond and worm farms (Sustainability Action Team). 

These represent just a few of the additional learning opportunities available to our students and community this term.  I wish to offer my thanks to all of the staff, students and families that go above and beyond to make these events and activities possible.  If you would like to take a closer look at more of our learning activities this term, you can see our Term 2 snapshot video here.  A special thanks to Mr Alvin Leo, who is the technical wizard behind all our snapshot videos this term.

Many of the opportunities available in our school would not be possible without the support of our School Board and our Safety Bay Primary School P&C.  We are fortunate to have an engaged and collaborative School Board who work with us to inform the strategic direction of our school and support the academic achievement and wellbeing of our students.  Thank you to our Board Chairperson, Sally Lewis, and all of our Board members for your efforts and support this year.  Thank you to our P&C for your incredible fundraising efforts this term.  We have all enjoyed the Mother’s Day Stall, Bake Sale and PJ Day and greatly appreciate the positive impact the funds raised from these events have on our school learning environment. 

Our families recently received a letter via Connect from Mr Wayne McKay, announcing his retirement from the Principal role effective at the end of this term.  I would like to acknowledge the incredible contribution that Mr McKay has made to our wonderful school.  Mr McKay remains dedicated to improving outcomes for all students and consistently modelled our school motto of ‘Putting Children First’.  We will miss you, Mr McKay; as a colleague, a leader and a friend. 

Many of our students, both past and present, have had the opportunity to learn from our amazing Early Childhood Teacher, Mrs Deb McLeod.  Mrs McLeod has been a member of the Safety Bay Primary School staff for 22 years and will be going on leave at the end of this term, with a view to retirement.  We thank Mrs McLeod for the difference she has made in the lives of so many Safety Bay students and families.  We know many families would like to wish both Mr McKay and Mrs McLeod well, and while this has been impacted by COVID this week, we will notify our community of further opportunity to do this in the near future.

As we head into the holidays, still unsure exactly what they will look like as the COVID-19 circumstances evolve, I wish all of our families good health and hope that you can enjoy some special time together.  It has been a busy term of learning and growing, and the holidays afford us chance to rest, reflect and celebrate our achievements.  We look forward to seeing all of our families and staff back for Term 3, ready and excited for more opportunities to learn together.

Mrs Lauren Milne

Year 3 Excursion to Kings Park

A sunny Tuesday on 25 May 2021 greeted the Year 3 students at Kings Park.  They embarked on a journey of learning and discovery about the interdependence between the Noongar people and the land.  This was seen through the eyes of a child in the story Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot.  From the many learning experiences, the most popular by far was using bark from the Paperbark Tree as well as Swordgrass for bandaging wounds.  In addition, the students had the opportunity to interact with nature in the Rio Tinto Naturescape where, with the encouragement of the many Parent Helpers, their imagination was the ultimate creation.  Upon returning, positive feedback from
students demonstrated productive learning. “I learnt how to build a dam”, “Mia Mias give good shelter”, “My friends loved climbing through the winding Python” were some of the many insights the students shared.  To top it off, the students were complimented by Kings Park staff for being responsible and curious learners.

Mr Alvin Leo
Year 3 Teacher

W2 - In the News!

This term students in W2 have worked exceptionally hard to achieve success in both their writing and technologies curriculum areas.

Information reports:

Students were required to research an animal of their choosing and present their findings to the class in an informative five minute presentation. A variety of animals were chosen including, Chickens, Chameleons, Crocodiles and Rattle Snakes! Mrs Smith was very impressed by the hard work students put in to ensuring their punctuation was correct and each animal was classified, a location given, a clear description of diet was presented and interesting facts were provided.


In technology, students have been learning about BeeBots and writing algorithms. As part of their learning journey, students were required to design a BeeBot maze which included at least two left, two right and two forward steps. Students then videoed each other programming and running the maze! Amazing work W2 Superstars!!

Mrs Shelley Smith
Year 2 Teacher

Term 2 Sports News

Term 2 is always a frenetic and busy time for Physical Education at Safety Bay Primary. We saw the return of our very popular Runner’s Club, the Winter Lightning Carnival and the Safety Bay Primary School Cross Country.

However, before we can talk about all the sport in term 2, it's important we reflect on the Interschool Swimming Carnival held on the last week of term 1. The students from Safety Bay Primary School were absolutely fantastic in and out of the pool. In the pool we had multiple individual award winners and our swim team was also the awarded the champion school for the fourth year in a row. Our level of sportsmanship is to be commended as we showed y unwavering support, all day, for not only our swimmers but for all the other schools too. Well done Safety Bay Swim Team.

Overall School

Safety Bay- 315pts

Rockingham Beach- 176pts

Port Kennedy- 113pts

East Waikiki- 78pts

Individual Champions

Year 3 Girls

Eliza Ramplin 1st tied

Elise Oettli 1st tied

Allegra Hay R/up

Year 4 Boys

Kai Michel R/Up

Year 5 Boys

Noah White 1st tied

Ian Dust 1st tied

Year 5 Girls

Blaise Towers R/Up

Year 6 Boys

Toby Field 1st

Mr Mitchell Brown and Mrs Sonya White
Physical Education Teachers

Aboriginal Culture at Safety Bay

It’s been a busy and inspirational term for Aboriginal culture in our school! Many activities have centred around food as we work towards establishing our very own bush tucker garden.

Baldivis Secondary College Excursion
On Wednesday 26 May the Year 12 cooking students of Baldivis Secondary College taught our Aboriginal students from years 4-6 how to prepare a very special and famous version of Kangaroo Stew which they learnt from Nan Dot. These students then got to cook the stew for some of our parents and staff as part of our NAIDOC celebrations.

Safety Bay Primary School Bush Tucker Masterchef
Did you realise the school was awash with the smells of bush tucker in weeks 7 & 8? We had hundreds of little masterchefs cooking, stewing, searing, baking their best recipes to celebrate the rich tastes of the bush!

We had judges with full and satisfied tummies because of all the yummy tucker they sampled.  So good was the tucker, that finding the best was a test!


Top 3 Sweets for taste and presentation:

W3 – Lemon Myrtle Slice

C20 – Raspberry and Lemon Myrtle Blondies

C15 – Wattleseed and Banana Pancakes

Top 3 Savoury for taste and presentation:

C14 – Crocodile Dumplings

C19 – Crocodile Curry, Emu Sausage and Kangaroo Salad

C21 – Cauliflower, Leek and Bacon Soup with Cinnamon Myrtle, Pepperberry and Saltbush.

People's Choice Award:

C12/C13 – Kangaroo Pies with Pepperberry and Bush Tomato

Yirra Yaakin In School Performance
On Thursday 10 June and Friday 11 June, Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company performed Bilya Kaatijin (which means ‘Fresh Water Knowledge’) at Safety Bay Primary School. This was part of our NAIDOC Celebrations.

This performance taught us about the importance of water to First Nations people around the world. Through global Dreaming stories, it also taught us about the importance of accepting others, the power of empathy and the impact of climate change to the land and the Noongar seasons.

The students were all mesmerised by the engaging performance!

Bush Tucker Garden
We look forward to sharing updates with you as our bush tucker garden takes shape. A huge thank you to the P&C for their generous donation that enables the garden to be established and maintained as a whole school community resource. We can’t wait until our families can use the herbs and spices to cook at home.

Mrs Cherie Devine
Year 3 Teacher

Walk Safely to School Day

Walk Safely to School Day on 14 May 2021 encourages children all over Australia to walk and commute safely to school.  It also promotes road safety and healthy lifestyles.  With support from City of Rockingham, we organised activities to achieve these aims.

The Breakfast Club and Cultural Response teams made damper that children could couple with various condiments.  Even Mrs Milne made one herself! This special damper included a special ingredient used in the Torres Strait Islands.  The children also enjoyed different types of freshly made smoothies.

Those who were feeling active participated in a fun obstacle course created by our Sports Captains.  The students navigated the course by jumping, hopping, crawling, bowling and kicking their way around each obstacle. Their resilience shone through with bright smiles to complement a sun-kissed morning.

That was not all.  Our local crossing wardens attended our assembly so that the students could meet and thank them for their dedication.  Many of these crossing wardens have guided our students safely across roads for many years through rain and shine.  So, we felt it was appropriate to offer them our gratitude.  Brian, in particular, echoed the sentiments of his fellow wardens with a heartfelt speech that reached in the very core of our lives in Safety Bay Primary School – putting children first.

Mr Alvin Leo
Year 3 Teacher

Performing Arts News

This term there has been so much fabulous work completed in Performing Arts, with many cross-curricular activities and incredible creativity happening in the classroom. Student engagement has been fantastic with classroom learning and also with our Junior and Senior Choirs.

Junior Choir news is a little disappointing with the cancellation of the Junior Choir Festival, usually held at Rockingham Senior High School. This year only three schools signed up (including ours), so we have decided not to go ahead as the purpose is to sing with a massed choir and have enough items for a full concert. This is very sad as our Junior Choir is exceptional this year and we have prepared so many fabulous songs. We will be taking every opportunity to perform at school based events, including Learning Journeys next term and our end of year Music Concert.

On a happier note the One Big Voice Choir Festival will be going ahead at RAC Arena after being cancelled last year. The date for the concert is Friday 20 August. We are very excited to be attending this fabulous event and the Senior Choir is sounding incredible. Permission notes with information about One Big Voice are going home in Week 11 with information about ticket sales for parents and caregivers. Please note that tickets will be released through Ticketek in July, so please stay tuned to the student Connect page for further information on this.

A huge congratulations to Phoebe Park and Sophie Crockett who have been selected as soloists at this year’s One Big Voice Festival. They worked very hard to submit their video auditions and were selected from hundreds of applicants. Phoebe was also offered a place in the OBV Studio Choir. Well done to both of these hard working students on their amazing achievements.

I popped my head in to the Year 5 clarinet lesson yesterday and was treated to a short performance on the spot. I was amazed by the progress these talented students have made in five months! Their dedication to their learning and home practice is really paying off and they are sounding wonderful.

Have a great holiday everyone and I look forward to more marvellous musicality and drama llama action next term!

Mrs Sally Quealy
Performing Arts Teacher

Junior and Senior Choir - ANZAC Assembly - 30 April 2021
Junior and Senior Choir's Performing at ANZAC Assembly - 30 April 2021.

Defence School Mentor Program

This Term Defence families welcomed home HMAS ANZAC who rescued 20 Indonesian fishermen whilst they were deployed. This video shows more of what they did whilst away: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2ib9p-mC9fE

HMAS Ballarat, Rankin and Collins are also currently deployed. For families with a family member on board, did you know you can get a free calico welcome home banner to decorate?

These are available by applying online through Defence Community Organisation (DCO) Facebook page under ‘events’.

An ADF families event: Welcome home banners, Western Australia (facebook.com)

The banners are free and if your child/ren would like to decorate them at school, they are more than welcome to bring them into ADF Club on a Friday at lunch and recess where we can provide paints, texta’s etc to decorate them with.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is funding the Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation to deliver the Defence Kids Program across Australia, which provides camps, activity days and age-appropriate mental health education focusing on coping skills and resilience, while allowing children to bond with peers who are facing similar challenges. The program is for children aged 8 – 12 years old. Referral can be done online by: Self-referral by Parents/ Caregivers, Teachers, GP’s, Mental Health workers, Community workers and the School Psychologist. Eligibility criteria apply, however the camp is fully funded https://kookaburrakids.org.au/

We now have an ADF Student mailbox in the front office. This is new way for Defence families and particularly students to communicate with their Defence School Mentor (DSM) on any day, not just the days we work). The letterbox is checked as soon as we come in everyday and where an issue is identified, we touch base to provide emotional and wellbeing support. The students in years 3-6 have trialled the mailbox this term and it is proving to be a great communication tool.

If you are deploying, going on extended training, weekly running or posting away please let your DSM and Teacher know so that together we can support our Defence Students and Families. Please note, Defence does not provide the school with deployment information.

Mrs Deborah Rajecki
Defence School Mentor

News from the Office


On behalf of the students and staff of Safety Bay Primary School we would like to thank you for your support of school programs through your payment of 2021 Voluntary Contributions.  Collections year to date compared to the same time last year are 18% greater.  This is an excellent representation of the important support our school receives from our school community. 

The funds collected through voluntary contributions supplement state, commonwealth government and other locally raised revenue.  Contributions are used to purchase materials for art and crafts, technology, science activities, cooking ingredients, photocopying and digital items and help us support a range of learning programs for students across the school.

Evidence strongly reinforces the improvements in your children’s educational outcomes we may achieve through partnering together.

We still have 45% of the total possible collections to collect.  Payments may be made by Qkr!, direct bank transfer or EFTPOS at the office.

We look forward to your continued support throughout 2021.


Our incredible grounds and cleaning staff continue to strive to improve all our student learning areas.  We thank our hardworking allied staff for all their endeavours throughout the first half of the year.  They are definitely our unsung heroes!

We are pleased to advise we are working with the Department of Education to improve the condition of our school oval.  Whilst we continue to make our oval available to the wider community outside of school hours, the responsibility for ongoing maintenance and upkeep falls on our school.  A joint project with the Department will see a range of maintenance works to the oval scheduled between now and the end of this year.  We expect the condition of the oval will show gradual improvements along the way.  We look forward to seeing the oval in a much improved state early in 2022 and thank our community for their patience and support.

School Photos are coming soon.....

3P Photography are excited to be at Safety Bay Primary School on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 July (week two of term three).

Individual ordering envelopes will be sent out in week one of term 2, so please keep a look out for them in your child's school bag. More details, including timetable for photos, will be circulated early next term.


Sustainability at Safety Bay

This term has seen exciting developments with the formation of our Sustainability Action Team. These Eco-Warriors have been busy planning for actions and initiatives to commence in Term 3. They have also been working at lunch times to clean up and care for the Frog Pond Garden. Next term we will be kick-starting the following initiatives:


This is aimed at reducing waste that goes in to school bins and landfill. Buying in bulk and packing portions in to reusable containers reduces a huge amount of waste each year. We are hoping to start with Wednesdays with the possibility of adding more days later in the year.


As yet we have not had many donations for our Containers for Change bins. Donations ensure that single use containers are recycled properly and they also raise money for our school. Containers for Change offer incentives for schools that contribute the largest donations so please bring your containers in each Wednesday afternoon for collection at C19 (demountable classroom near oval).

The Sustainablility Team

School Board in Review

Hi Safety Bay Primary Community,

The School Board has been busy this term working hard to input into the school's next strategic plan, making sure the voices of students, families and community members are well represented in the school’s future priorities.

We have also been busy collecting endorsements for our nomination of Mr. Leo in this year’s WA Teacher of the Year Awards. I can’t thank Mrs Milne and Mrs Schicker enough for the work they have put into creating an outstanding nomination for a well-deserved candidate!

I would also like to make a special mention of our two student reps, Tyler Pringle and Mitch Divine. Their well thought out input and ideas have really enhanced the work of the Board. They have both been vital in helping us to keep the students at the centre of all the work we do and I want to thank them for the time they are volunteering to help shape the direction and focus of the school.

Lastly, I want to let people know we will be holding an open Board meeting in week two of term 3, and encourage all parents/carers and community members to come along and see what exactly it is the School Board does! We will be calling for new Board members in term 3. I would love to see as many of you there as possible! Please keep an eye out for details of the open meeting and how to nominate in the coming months.


Sally Lewis
School Board Chairperson

P&C News

What a way to start off 2021!!

As at 2 June, the P&C has raised $13,122 so far this year!! And that’s all thanks to our amazing P&C members, volunteers and school community.  Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way!!

So far in 2021, we have donated:

  • $800 to the One Big Voice Bus
  • $5,100 for STEM Trolley & General Equipment
  • $1000 towards the Art Canvases
  • $1000 towards the Bush Tucker Garden

Mother’s Day Stall
What a great success the Mother’s Day Stall was!  Thanks to everyone for continuing to support our P&C events.

Amount Raised - $1,263!!!

A Special Thank You to all who donated items to the Mother’s Day Stall:

~Loraine Harding - Who donated plants and massive amount of time and effort with multiple items
~Janelle Fleay - Who donated time & effort creating the heat packs
~Teapot Treasures - Bec Capes
~Coastal Landscaping - Plants
~Charlotte Underwood - Gnomes
~Kellie Evans - Phone cases & crystals                                 
~Hippie and Lamb - Kassandra Thomas
~Tanya Hendy - Baked Goods
~Malibu Candles - Candles
~Naomi Kissiedu Green - Shae Butter Packs
~Amanda Kenwright - Scrunchies
~Bonnie Sykes - Bonnies craft box

Bake Sale
Thanks to the brilliant Deirdre Atkinson-Byrne & Sammi Lucas, we were able to hold another bake sale for term 2.

Thanks to the massive amounts of baked goodies supplied by the bakers within our community we were able to raise $569!! Another tremendously successful effort.

Thank you bakers, without you there is no Bake Sale.

Colour Run Final Figure
$9,780.91 and the donation of 858 trees!! Great Effort everyone.

STEM Coupons
The P&C has been very busy gathering STEM Coupons from the Saturday, West Australian newspaper in the hope that we might be lucky winners of some additional money to go towards our STEM program.  A BIG THANK YOU to every person who spent time on this one. 

School Banking Raffle
School banking program is having a raffle at the end of each term in 2021. All you need to do is come along to school banking on Thursday mornings, between 8-9am, in front of the conference room and see Kathryn & Michele with your CBA School Banking Deposit Book. Put in as little as 5c or $1 or $10, whatever the amount, into the kids' school banking accounts. Do this three (3) times and the account holder goes in the draw to win the end of term prize pack! 

Drawn on the last Thursday of each term. 

You don’t need to be a CBA customer to create a School Banking account for your child, so come on down and have a chat with Kathryn & Michele, and let's show our children how fun it is to save some money.

Certificates of Appreciation 
This term the P&C received not one but two certificates of appreciation from our wonderful school.  Thank you so much & thank you so much to everyone who contributes big or small, we couldn’t do this without a combined effort from members, volunteers, students, staff, teachers, community and our wonderful Principal, Lauren Milne.

A BIG THANK YOU to Michele Lawton, who kindly donated $1,200 towards the Year 6 School Camp Bus for 2021!!  Such a generous, lovely gesture Michele.  This has also allowed the P&C to redirect funds that would normally go towards the bus, toward other Year 6 events.

The following are events planned for the remainder of 2021:              

Term 3 - We have an exciting Term 3 coming up!!

  • 30 July - 2nd Hand Uniform Stall (new temporary location near library)
  • Date Early September (TBC) - Father’s Day Stall
  • 16 & 17th September - Junior & Senior Sports Carnival Sausage Sizzle (with other food options TBC)
  • 23rd September - Sports Colour Day - Gold Coin Donation

Term 4

  • 22 October - 2nd Hand Uniform Stall
  • 12 November - Witches & Wizardry Disco
  • Date TBC - Community Heros Gold Coin Donation Day

This year the P&C are fundraising to contribute to the following;

  • STEM Trolleys and equipment
  • Art canvases for Art Exhibition
  • One Big Voice bus for Choir
  • Year 6 camp
  • Firefly Think Mentals program
  • Development of a sensory walk
  • Development of a Bush Tucker Garden
  • 3-wheel bikes for middle/upper primary
  • Pre-Kindy Playgroup
  • Pre-Kindy Beeswax wraps
  • Kindy Café teacher support
  • Sports Carnival Ribbons
  • Year 1 Faction Hats

As parents and carers we lead busy lives, and so, as a volunteer we would only ask for you to give the time you can spare. It’s a great way to get to know some other parents, get involved with the school and have your say on how the P&C can help the school.

If you have fundraising ideas, feel free to forward your ideas to the P&C email, safetybaypc@gmail.com. We love ideas, and we love people who are open to organising these fundraising ideas!

The next P&C meeting will be held in the Conference Room, Term 3 Week 2. Date TBC.           


Follow us on Facebook for regular updates: 
Safety Bay Primary School P&C Notice Board

Contact us via email Safetybaypc@gmail.com or in person at school

OSH Club at Safety Bay

Just a friendly reminder that Safety Bay Primary has a Before and After school care program on the school grounds.

We operate Monday to Friday from the school's undercover area.

For further information' please feel free to visit us during session times or by contacting us on the details below.

Phone - 0419695783

Email - safetybay@oshclub.com.au

Operating times:

  • Before school 7am till 840 am Monday to Friday
  • After school 3pm till 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2.30pm till 6pm Wednesdays


This term we have had a focus on engagement with the wider community. We have discussed community initiatives happening in our area including Naragebup’s recycling and composting efforts as well as reconciliation week among others. We have also had community visitors most notable of which was Josh a local IT professional who came to visit us and educate us on all things computer related.

Josh was kind enough to bring in a couple of different machines which gave children the opportunity to take them apart and learn about all the individual parts. One of those parts was the hard drive which we found out there are different types of for different uses. We discovered what the other essential components of a computer are, what they are called and where they are usually found in the tower. This was fantastic to learn because it gave children a better idea of how their computers work and why it is important to keep them dry and free of dust and other dirt as they can overheat very easily, even with fans!

Community News

Safety Bay Primary School does not endorse nor assume any responsibility for the information provided.

The WA Department of Health is funding the Better Health Program in the Perth metropolitan region. The ten week program is available to families both face-to-face and online and we need your help to get the word out to the local community! We are currently accepting registrations, however Term 3 places are filling up fast. In response to high demand we have also scheduled an additional program at Bounce Trampoline Park in Cannington.

What is the Better Health Program?

The Better Health Program is a free, healthy lifestyle program for families.The program is evidence-based and is developed and delivered by qualified health professionals to support families with making sustainable health changes. Children (and their families) are eligible to participate in the program if they are:
    - Aged 7-13 years
    - Above a healthy weight
In Term 3 Face-to-face program locations include:
  • Herb Graham Recreation Centre Mirrabooka, Tuesdays commencing 20th of July 2021
  • George Burnett Leisure Centre Karawara, Wednesdays commencing 21st of July 2021
  • Bounce Cannington, Thursdays commencing 22nd of July 2021
  • Rebound Arena Port Kennedy, Thursdays commencing 22nd of July 2021
For those unable to attend a face-to-face program, the online program includes:
  • Weekly interactive modules
  • Weekly phone coaching support with a health professional
  • Lots of freebies (including a garmin fitness tracker and other great resources)
  • Prizes
Benefits to families:
  • Learn about healthy habits in a fun and engaging way
  • Support and resources to establish healthy habits   
  • Flexible program delivery - Face-to-face in the community or online
For more information or to register please refer to the Better Health Program website