Term 3 - eNews

A Message from Mrs Milne

Thank you to all of our staff students and families for making Term 3 such a successful term of Learning Together.  As a school community, we have experienced many successes and shared great learning experiences both inside, and outside, the classroom.

Our first ever Be You Talent Showcase was a new event for our school this term, in the lead up to Be You Day celebrations.  It was fantastic to see so many unique talents and special interests showcased to peers by over 100 performers.  A clear message underpinned our Be You week; Everyone is Different, Everyone Belongs.  This idea is central to our school community.  We all bring something special to our school, and to our learning.  When we use these talents to support each other, and our community, we achieve great things.  A big thank you to our Wellbeing Team, and Miss Claire Sinden and Mr Alvin Leo, who co-ordinated this event.

In addition to the theme of belongingness and acceptance in Be You week, students also had the opportunity to revisit the learning related to RU Ok Day.  Captain Conversation (AKA school psychologist, Brooke Ramsay) modelled to students how to check in with your friends and family and encourage others to seek help when needed.  If you are unfamiliar with the RU OK? Conversation steps, you can find them explained here:

Our family STEM Challenge evenings are proving increasingly popular.  This term’s challenge was for families of Year 1 & 2 students.  Families tackled solutions to local environmental issues, building fairy penguin shelters out of recyclable materials.  Keep an eye on Connect for details of our whole school family STEM challenge next term!  In addition to our STEM evenings, our partnership with Scitech has resulted in our school being invited to participate in professional learning for Mathematics engagement.  We will be hosting a Maths Murder Mystery for families at the beginning of next term.  Thank you to Mrs Sue McCulloch and the Technologies team who co-ordinate these events.

This term, our Year 3-6 students participated the Bebras Computational Thinking Skills Challenge Competition. This tests student's ability to solve complex STEM related problems. A number of students achieved excellent results and will be awarded Distinction and Credit certificates at our final assembly.

Our Student Action Teams have had a productive term.  Our Action Teams have introduced initiatives such as the multi-year level handball tournament, the establishment of our Bush Tucker Garden and Mindful Mondays, with whole school activities for a positive start to the week. Student voice is integral to our school improvement agenda and it is fantastic to see so many student driven activities contributing to an engaging and supportive learning environment for all.

As you will no doubt be aware, our Year 3/4 teacher, Alvin Leo, has been named one of four finalists in the WA Education Awards category Primary Teacher of the Year. Alvin is one of our many staff who go above and beyond every day for our students.  To be named a finalist is a huge achievement for both Alvin and our school. It was a pleasure to host the judging panel earlier this week and discuss the impact Alvin has on our school community as both a classroom teacher and our Wellbeing team leader. A special thanks to Sally Lewis and our School Board for co-ordinating the nomination, and the students, staff, parents and P&C members that contributed to both the nomination and panel interviews.  We are incredibly fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated educators and allied professionals across our school.

This term we also said goodbye to another of these wonderful staff members. Our groundskeeper, Mr Martin Jones, retired earlier this term after 42 years working for the Education Department; 26 of those at Safety Bay Primary School. At the retirement function, Martin was presented a letter and specially minted coin on behalf of the Director General, acknowledging his contribution to education in WA schools.  We wish Martin all the best for the many adventures that lay ahead.

As we come to the end of the term I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of our families, parents and carers for the work you do every day to support your child’s learning and our school.  During our Learning Journey this term, I was so pleased to see the pride that students were taking in sharing their progress and achievements with you.  I wish you all a safe and happy holiday break and look forward to seeing everyone back to Learn Together in Term 4.

Mrs Lauren Milne

Be Strong, Be Brave, Be You!

This year’s Be You Day is bigger and better! In the fortnight leading up to Be You Day on 10 September, students starred in over 100 performances in our Be You Talent Showcase. This showcase encouraged students to display the many talents they have. We had dancers, singers, skaters, gymnasts, rope skippers, mimes, Rubix Cube masters, comedians…. A galaxy of talents! The showcase drew thousands of smiles from the audiences. Even the kindy and pre-primary students lined the fence to view.

The success of the showcase meant the Be You Day presentation was ever only going to start in one way…. A highlights reel. Squeals of delight and pearls of laughter were shared by all as they relived treasured memories of a fortnight past. Staff and students were also reminded how to check in with one another in our “R U OK?” segment, which was crowned by a story titled “Percy the Penguin” authored by Miss Sinden and illustrated by the students. Through her engaging storytelling style, Mrs Milne captured the imaginations of the audience.

Be You Day is unique to Safety Bay Primary School. It celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and shows how we can belong and connect with each other. Hence, “R U OK” is also celebrated on the same day to provide students with a sense of connectedness.

Mr Alvin Leo
Teacher C13


Wow! What a busy term we have had with all things Science and Technology....

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for your understanding around the rescheduling of our Forensic Science in school performance to this term. It was certainly a huge hit with all our year 3-6 students. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to find out who committed the crime. I enjoyed watching them using some of the science inquiry skills that we have been focusing on this year, especially the way they worked together as a collaborative team and the conversations around their reasoning.

This term  in science we are working in the physical science understanding. The Year 6s are learning about how electricity flows through a simple circuit. They have had the opportunity to make circuits that include lights, switches and buzzes. We were also lucky enough to have Simon Collins from Western Power come out and chat with the students about the different STEM careers around electrical engineering.

The Year 5s are learning about light and how shadows are formed. They have also learned new terms like reflection, refraction and absorption  in relation to light and how this helps us see different colours.

Our year 4 students are having lots of fun using magnets to learn how different forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance and the year 3s having being learning about heat and how it is produced through friction and electricity. They have also been learning about how heat is transferred through conduction.

As part our technology learning this semester we gave students the opportunity to take part in the Bebras challenge which is all about computation thinking and problem solving. I can say after having ago at this challenge myself it was not all that easy and certainly required us to look at solving problems in a very different way so I am looking forward to seeing the results of those students that took part in the challenge.

Our STEM Nights have proved to be such a great success and I will say  that Mr Pudney, Mr Leo, Mr Cook and I all enjoy putting them together for everyone as they are such a lot of fun. We love seeing you working with your children to complete the challenges we set for you.

This term has seen us hold our very first STEM Night for our Year 1 and 2 Students. They were given the task to build a shelter for the Fairy Penguins on Penguin Island, that would help protect our penguins from some of the storms we have seen this year. I have to say that we were all very impressed by the shelters for our penguins. Who knew that we would get so many different ideas from using newspaper and tape. Great job to all of the families that participated this term.

Remember to keep a look out for a connect notice about our final STEM Night for the year in term 4 – I am sure that our Tech team can come up with another interesting challenge for you.

By time our newsletter is out  all of our Year 3-6 students would have completed the Science PAT test and the Year 4-6 students would have completed the STEM PAT test.

Thursday afternoons in the Science Room we have been able to run a STEM program thanks to Gail Manton from the Marine Industry Schools Pathway Program. This program was a first for our school and it has given a number of our year 5 students the opportunity to build a small ROV. I have really enjoyed watching these students problem solve with their team member to get the robots working. I have to say that as a group we have learned so much together – some of the maths involved definitely meant that I needed to practice my maths skills before each lesson. During these classes we have built the ROV and tested them and fingers crossed we are ready to put them to the final challenge by using them in the frog pond to see what is lurking there.

Mrs Sue McCulloch
Science Specilaist Teacher 

S5 build bridges and get over it!

As part of our Design & Technology unit, S5 designed, planned and tested a bridge that was strong enough to hold a troll and three billy goats. Based on the much loved children’s classic – Three Billy Goats Gruff, children come up with a design to make their bridge.

The aim of this activity was to encourage the children to think about what components were needed for something to be strong, and to see the process through from design to reality.

Mrs. Shelley Smith and Mrs. Carol Nunn



Making Healthy Choices

C15 Year 3s have been learning about making healthy choices and what it means to ‘eat the rainbow’. We consolidated our learning with a cooking session. The students made rainbow rice, rainbow salad and fruit kebabs. 

Mrs Thornbury and Ms Le Scelle
Teachers C15


Cooking with Gas at ATCO!

In week 5 this term, students in C21 spent the day learning about the importance of gas to Western Australian homes. Students had the opportunity to cook in the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen in an engaging and interactive manner.

Students learnt about the journey of natural gas in WA, actions to take if they smell gas, how to use gas appliances safely around the home and how to use gas appliances in the kitchen to cook nutritious meals.

Ms. Lynne Cooke and Mrs. Shelley Smith


Mass and Volume

Students in C18 are learning all about the connection between Mass and Volume.  We decided to do an experiment to prove there is a connection, based on the Displacement Theory from the famous mathematician Archimedes.  We discovered that when we submerged an item in water, an amount of water displaced, (rose up) which equalled the weight of the item.  So, a 90g tin of tuna displaced approximately 90ml of water.  Our experiment proved that Archimedes theory was correct, and we had fun working outside!

Mrs Sharyn McGrath
Teacher C18

Lots of fun with RAC Road Safety!

Crossing the road safely is a fundamental skill that students in Year 1 have mastered. Participating in an interactive presentation which reinforced the ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think’ message, students had the opportunity to gain practical experience applying this skill on an interactive road mat.

Working in conjunction with the RAC, students at Safety Bay Primary School learnt the importance of crossing the road safely; are able to recognise safe and unsafe places to cross the road; and are now able to apply the message in a variety of scenarios.

Year 1 Teachers

Cross Country & Spring Carnival

Chilly wet conditions greeted our team of nervous, but eager participants at this year’s annual cross country event held at the rugby grounds and surrounding walk tracks at Lark Hill on Friday 30th July.

It was a huge event once again – with all eight schools in the RASSA organisation in Rockingham area represented at the carnival. This meant that there were up to 50 children in each event. The Lark Hill course is a very challenging one – requiring the children to run up and down hills, some parts on a rocky or gravel surface.  All of our participants did a superb job running as well as they could.

Points for the first four runners over the line for each school in each race are added together to determine who is the champion cross country school, as well as the top team for each year level.   There were some amazing individual and team efforts which resulted in our school finishing SECOND overall this year – an impressive achievement in a hugely competitive field!

Final school positions were:

School Champion Points Placing

1st - Charthouse 566pts 

2nd - Safety Bay 530pts

3rd - Rockingham Lakes 390pts 

4th - East Waikiki 282pts

5th - Waikiki 260pts

6th - Port Kennedy 195pts 

7th - Koorana 183pts

8th - Warnbro 158pts 

All the children should be extremely proud of themselves – even to make it to selection in such a gruelling event is a credit to them.

These children finished in the top three of their race:           

Year 4 GirlsYear 4 Boys
2nd Maya Rasitto1st Rylan Clark
3rd Allegra Hay3rd  Easton W
Year 5 BoysYear 6 Boys
1st Noah White2nd Ty Simpson
3rd Caleb White 


Each event also has a champion team with the school receiving the most points for that event earning the pennant.  Looking at the above results it’s not difficult to see why our year 4 BOYS, 4 GIRLS and YEAR 6 BOYS won the pennant for their race!

Again, huge congratulations to all our competitors.

A big thank you to the parents who marshalled and came and supported on the day early. Thank you also to Mr Cook and Mrs McGrath for their assistance at the carnival.

A great day all round!!

Spring Carnival

Our annual Term 3 Lightning carnival for year 5s and 6s was held on Friday, 3rd September at Lark Hill Sporting Complex. All of our teams – two Cricket teams, two Teeball teams and two Rugby teams travelled to Lark Hill with high expectations after a solid eight weeks of preparation and training. We were greeted with perfectly still and sunny conditions which created a fantastic atmosphere on the day.

Congratulations to all of our students who represented our school with pride and had a great day, with very pleasing sportsmanship and behaviour shown by our Safety Bay Primary School participants.

There were four schools represented at each of the Black division carnivals in two divisions. In our division were: Safety Bay, Port Kennedy, Rockingham Beach and Rockingham Lakes.

Our results for the day were:


“A” team: 1st

“B” team: 1st    

Overall: Winners!

Thank you to Miss Harris for coaching the teams.


Boys: 2rd

Girls: 1st  

Overall: 2rd

Thank you to Mrs Mills, Mrs Dixon and Mr London for coaching and training the teams both in the lead up and at the carnival.


Boys:  2nd

Girls:  2nd

Overall: 2nd  

Thank you to Mr Pudney for coaching and training the teams.

Thank you very much also to the many parents who came along to the carnivals and supported our teams.

Mr Brown and Mrs White
Phys. Ed Specialist Teachers

Eco-Warriors at Work!

Our Sustainability Action Team of students (Eco-Warriors) and Sustainability Committee are working together to plan and implement sustainable practices for our school and we need your support.

Waste Wise Wednesdays
Please ensure that lunches and recess snacks are packed in reusable containers every Wednesday. If possible please reduce waste at school every day. Buying in bulk is cheaper and uses less packaging. We will be having another waste audit later in the year and would like to see less rubbish going in to landfill.

Containers for Change
Donation bins are at school for donations of all eligible 10c containers. This is a great fundraiser for our school and funds raised will enable us to develop more sustainable incentives at school.

Please bring your containers to C19 at 2:30pm every Wednesday for collection or donate your containers at Containers for Change collection depots using our school code: C10321564

Worm farms and composting
Classes and Eco-Warriors are looking after our worm farms in each learning block. Suitable food scraps are blended and fed to the worms every few days. The worms are already creating wonderful compost for our gardens.

Frog Pond Garden and Bush Tucker Garden
We are teaching our students about bush tucker and sustainable garden ecosystems. Our gardens are now looking beautiful and starting to produce delicious food.

Co-Mingling Bins
These are in use around the school for the continued recycling of suitable materials. Recycling monitors visit classrooms to collect paper and cardboard for recycling.

When we all work together these daily practices can make a huge difference to the impact we have on the environment. School is a place where we can learn sustainable practices and habits for life. Thank you for all your support with helping us to achieve our goals.

Safety Bay Primary School
Sustainability Team

For One Night Only...

On the Friday 20 August, Safety Bay Primary School Senior Choir attended the One Big Voice Festival at the RAC Arena. What a fantastic event!!

It was an extremely powerful and emotional experience at times, with the power of thousands of children’s voices singing beautiful and uplifting songs. Most of the songs were allocated and taught so that different schools sang different harmony and rhythm parts and when the different parts came together the music sounded wonderful. Schools also learned choreographed movements for different parts that sometimes echoed others or joined together. The result was just spectacular!!

Thank you so much to our fantastic helpers who came with us on the day; Mrs Milne, Mrs Carter and Mrs Holland. Thank you also to our fabulous P&C who raised funds to pay for the bus transport to the arena.

Most of all, thank you to our fantastic choir for all their excellent work to prepare for the festival. They knew all the songs and choreographies so well and their behaviour at the event was sensational.

I was extremely proud and I know Mrs Milne was too.

Mrs Sally Quealy
Performing Arts Specialist Teacher 


Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

In week 6 we celebrated Book Week with the theme of 'Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.' Throughout the week the students focused on Literacy activities including author studies and visits, whole school book readings, a story walk, the Scholastic Book Fair and a community favourite, the Book Week Parade. Book Week activities are co-ordinated by our Literacy Committee. We would like to recognise the efforts of the committee leader, Charmaine Ruffels, and our librarian, Cheryl Brett.

Mrs Brett, would like to extend a big 'Thank you' for all the support the Scholastic Book Fair received. Through book sales at the fair the school will receive $913.00 in rewards for our wonderful library.

An evening to remember!

Learning Journeys were held in Week 7 and it was a great opportunity for students to share their learning successes. Mrs Milne was particularly impressed with the language of learning that was being used as students described activities to parents and carers. The school welcomes any feedback on ways to continue to improve our Learning Journey evening. Thank you to the P&C for the donation towards the art displays.

Below is a snapshot of feedback from parents/carers on the learning within our classroom:

“Keep up your amazing work. We have loved seeing such amazing work. Thank you so much for all your help and the love in the learning journey.”

“Lots of wonderful work done – a pleasure to see how very proud she is of how far she has come.”

“I really enjoyed looking at your Maths because it helps me to understand how to help you improve.”


Father's Day

On Friday during lunch and recess the Defence club students from Kindergarten to year 6, created Father’s Day cards and decorated cupcakes for their Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles or any other significant men in their lives. 

For those who had a deployed father, their Mum was the lucky recipient of a cupcake .

A lot of glitter & sugary fun was had by all who attended! 

Mrs Deb Rajecki
Defence School Mentor

Who can believe we have completed Term 3 of 2021 already!!

We had so much happen this term, how exciting!!

As of July 2021, the P&C has raised $14,185 so far this year!! That’s all thanks to our amazing P&C members, volunteers and school community.  Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way!!

So far in 2021, we have donated:

$800 to the One Big Voice Bus

$5,100 for STEM Trolley & General Equipment 

$1000 towards the Art Canvases

$1000 towards the Bush Tucker Garden

$1000 winnings from the West Australian Random Cash draw for STEM coupon competition. 

Reversible Faction Hats provided to all year 1 students!

Father’s Day Stall

What a great success the Father’s Day Stall was!  Thanks to everyone for continuing to support our P&C events and a special thanks to our amazing fundraising team, who put in so much time and effort!! We appreciate you all.

Amount Raised - $1,063.36!!!

A Special Thank You to all who donated items to the Father’s Day Stall:

Totally Independent Tyre Service, Sandalwood Australia, Lee Emerson, Sharolyn van Brink, Helen Rhodes, Maureen Lohoar, Leanne Alderson, Kell Evans, Angela Tayler, Jayme Altieri.

Term 2 PJ Day

How much fun was PJ Day?! Thanks to everyone who contributed and joined in on the fun. Together we raised $575!! Another tremendously successful effort.

 Wayne McKay’s retirement

We said goodbye to an amazing leader & such a wonderful Principal, Wayne McKay. 

The P&C provided a small token of appreciation and memorabilia to Wayne to help remind him of the fun times with the P&C and the kids!  

STEM Coupons

After a very busy time for the P&C in Term 2, we were lucky enough to be the WINNERS of the $1000 Random Cash draw!  More money for our STEM.  How exciting, we just love how much we are able to do for our school and our kids!! A BIG THANK YOU to every person who spent time on this one.  

School Banking Raffle

The School Banking Raffle for Term 2 winner was Mia in Year2.

A BIG Thank You to Kingston’s Kitchen and Jaffelato for their kind donations for the prize.

School banking program is having a raffle at the end of each term in 2021. All you need to do is come along to school banking on Thursday mornings, between 8-9am, in front of the conference room and see Kathryn & Michel with your CBA School Banking Deposit Book. Put in as little as 5c or $1 or $10, whatever the amount, into the kids' school banking accounts. Do this three (3) times and the account holder goes in the draw to win the end of term prize pack!  

Drawn on the last Thursday of each term.  

You don’t need to be a CBA customer to create a School Banking account for your child, so come on down and have a chat with Kathryn & Michel, and let's show our children how fun it is to save some money.

High Tea - Appreciation from Safety Bay Primary School to the P&C

During term 3 the P&C members all received an invitation to a high tea, provided to us by the school & our wonderful Kingston’s Kitchen. Thank you so much & thank you so much to everyone who contributes big or small, we couldn’t do this without a combined effort from members, volunteers, students, staff, teachers, community and our wonderful principal, Lauren Milne. 



The following are events planned for the remainder of 2021:

Term 3 

21 September - Sports Colour Day - Gold Coin Donation
23 September - Sports Colour Day - Kindy Penguins Class - Gold Coin                                                                                                  Donation

Term 4

  • 22 October - 2nd Hand Uniform Stall
  • 12 November - Witches & Wizardry Disco 
  • Date TBC - Community Heros Gold Coin Donation Day

This year the P&C are fundraising to contribute to the following;

  • STEM Trolleys and equipment 
  • Art canvases for Art Exhibition 
  • One Big Voice bus for Choir
  • Year 6 camp
  • Firefly Think Mentals program
  • Development of a sensory walk
  • Development of a Bush Tucker Garden
  • 3-wheel bikes for middle/upper primary
  • Pre-Kindy Playgroup
  • Pre-Kindy Beeswax wraps
  • Kindy Café teacher support
  • Sports Carnival Ribbons
  • Year 1 Faction Hats

As parents and carers we lead busy lives, and so, as a volunteer we would only ask for you to give the time you can spare. It’s a great way to get to know some other parents, get involved with the school and have your say on how the P&C can help the school.

If you have fundraising ideas, feel free to forward your ideas to the P&C email, safetybaypc@gmail.com. We love ideas, and we love people who are open to organising these fundraising ideas!

The next P&C meeting will be held in the Conference Room, Term 4 Week 3. Date and time TBC.


Follow us on Facebook for regular updates: Safety Bay Primary School P&C Notice Board

Contact us via email 
Safetybaypc@gmail.com or in person at school