Term 4 eNews

Term 4 comes to an end...

At the end of another great school year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our community; our families, our students, our staff; for your support of our school.  We have experienced many successes this year as a result of the collaboration between us. 

This year, we have seen an expansion of our STEM program, including five family challenge nights.  Feedback from the programs has been highly positive and we hope to continue these into 2022.  Our first STEM Extension group completed multiple projects including underwater vehicles and robotics coding.  We look forward to welcoming in the next group of students to this team.

We have had number of improvements to our grounds this year.  Mr Phil Reeves designed and constructed the Japanese-inspired garden beside Stirling block.  This provides a lovely, calm environment for our students and staff.  Our Student Wellness Action Teams (SWAT), led by our chaplain, Heather Ham, and with the support of Bunnings Rockingham, have been working hard to re-establish the fruit and vegetable garden at the rear of the school.  Their efforts have been rewarded with bountiful produce and we are excited to see this area continue to develop.  In partnership with the P&C, the Culturally Responsive staff and student teams, have established a bush tucker garden in the centre of our school.  As it grows, we hope to see our community utilising the produce in their own family recipes.

Our Transition Day was once again highly successful as students engaged in opportunities to get to know their 2022 classmates and teachers.  We thank our families for the trust you put in our teaching staff to select the learning environment and partnerships that are best suited to your child. We consistently see the impact of this valuable transition at the start of the school year as students walk confidently into new classes, eager to reconnect with new friends. 

While there are many, many things that I am proud of across our community, I am most proud of the learning that has occurred this year.  We consistently see students meeting their learning goals and taking pride in their achievements.  When we look at both our classroom and whole school data, we see many students making well over a year’s progress due to the learning both in the classroom and at home.  Thank you to all of our teachers and families that make this learning possible for every child at Safety Bay Primary School.
                                                                                                               While we look forward to welcoming a number of new families to our school in 2022, we will be making fond farewells to some of our current families and staff.  I wish all our families that are moving onto the next part of their educational journey all the very best.  To our staff that are leaving; Mrs Sharon Young, Mrs Rebecca Ferry, Miss Paula Maxfield, Miss Aleece Harris, Mrs Cindy Lewis and Mrs Catherine Goebel; we thank you for everything you have given our community and we look forward to the prospect of seeing you again in the future.  We will miss you.

I would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of our School Board and P&C to the success experienced this year.  Our P&C raised funds for a number of key initiatives including our STEM trolleys, art displays, sports ribbons, the One Big Voice and year 6 camp buses.  We are incredibly fortunate to have an active and supportive P&C, without whom a range of events and initiatives would not be possible. Thank you.  Our School Board has worked closely with us to determine the future strategic direction of our school.  For the first time, we welcomed student representatives to our School Board to provide further opportunities for student voice in decision making.  Thank you to both the P&C and Board for your ongoing commitment to making our school an engaging and supportive learning environment.

Finally, I wish all members of our community a safe and happy holiday break. I hope you enjoy the sunshine and all of the beautiful areas our local environment has to offer.  May you have special times with family and friends and create lasting memories together.

Happy holidays everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all back in 2022.

Mrs Lauren Milne

Important Information

Safety Bay Primary School office will re-open on Monday 24 January 2022 and students return to school on Monday 31 January 2022. 

Personal Items Lists (Booklists)
Students Personal Items Lists (Booklists) are available to download from our school website. School pick-up option has now closed, however online ordering with delivery, online click and collect and self-service options are still available. Please be aware that all delivery and Click & Collect orders must be pre-paid, unpaid orders will not be processed. Delivery before Term 1 cannot be guaranteed for orders placed after 7 January 2022.

If you selected School Pick-Up option, collection day is Friday 28 January 2022 from 10.45am to 11.30am in the school undercover area.
Tudor Uniforms will open the uniform shop on Friday 28 January from 8am to 12noon. Parents of Year 4 students going into Year 5 in 2022 please remember to order Navy Blue uniforms. Please see flyer for other uniform ordering options. 

Tudor Uniform Order form

2022 Contributions and Charges
2022 Voluntary Contributions are now able to be paid, please see school website for payment options.

We are thrilled to see so many families using Qkr to pay for Voluntary Contibutions, excursion and in school activities. In the new year, please look out for a notification to update your child/rens profile with their name and 2022 class and year.

School Oval Rejuvenation
During the school holidays the school oval will be undergoing extensive rejuvenation works. During this time, we kindly ask that you DO NOT use the oval. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

School Security

Please help look after our wonderful school over the holidays by reporting any suspicious activity in and around school grounds to Education Security on 1800 177 777. Thank you.

From all the staff at Safety Bay Primary School we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all back safely in 2022.

Fire and Emergency Services Presentation

Firefighters from the Rockingham Fire Station presented a session on fire safety to Year 3 students on 17 November.  They delivered an important message on being aware of what can cause fires and how to react in a house fire.

The students were curious about many things such as “how do firefighters evacuate pets” and “how does one qualify as a firefighter”. The firefighters enthusiastically fielded all questions with a healthy dose of humour.

The final stop was a tour of the fire trucks and hands-on experience operating a fire hose.

Mr Alvin Leo
Teacher C13 - Year 3/4

S5 flipper coin and dive-in to learning at Penguin Island!

This term has been an exciting one in S5…with adventures to Penguin Island, creating our very own shadow puppet theatre and beginning to direct our own stop motion Dreamtime stories.

Week 5 saw all Year 1 students walk to Mersey Point to learn the Dreamtime story of the Wagyl’s journey. The story features Penguin Island and a warning of danger when crossing the sandbar at high tide. While reading the story, S5 used Google Earth to follow the path of Yagga the female Wagyl.                                           

A ferry ride to Penguin Island and a guided tour of the island were the highlights of the day…but of course, we were also very excited to see the cute penguins while we were there!

You may be wondering why Penguin Island is called Penguin Island. We know that Sea lions occasionally visit the island; but Penguin Island gets its name from the colony of little penguins, the smallest of the penguin family, which nest in sand depressions under dense vegetation and in limestone caves on the island. This is the largest colony of little penguins in WA!

S5 was going to put on a sock puppet show, but they got cold feet…and decided on Shadow puppets instead J

Shadow puppets have been used throughout history, in many cultures, as tools to tell traditional stories. This term, S5 chose Nursery Rhymes and retold their stories through Shadow puppetry. Lots of fun was had creating puppets which had moving parts! Our next ICT project will be creating stop-motion movies inspired by Dreamtime stories.

Mrs Shelley Smith
Teacher S5 - Year 1

Music Concert 2021

On Friday 26 November we held our annual Music Concert to showcase the fabulous progress of our instrumental students and choirs in 2021. We were treated to fantastic performances from our Year 5 and 6 students playing classical guitar, brass, clarinet and flute. All of our instrumental students conquered their nerves and played so beautifully at the concert. Their persistence and consistent efforts with practice throughout the year paid off with smooth and confident performances. They should be extremely proud of their work.                       

Our Junior and Senior choirs performed two songs together at the end of the concert and also delivered a fantastic performance. Thank you to all choir students for your dedication to our choirs this year. We need everyone’s voice in order to sound that good!

Thank you to all of the parents who came to the concert and to all who have supported their children with their music education this year.

Junior choir for students in Year 3 & 4 and Senior choir for Year 5 & 6 will recommence in Week 3 of Term 1, 2022.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Mrs Sally Quealy
Perfoming Arts Specialist Teacher

Congratulations Safety Bay Primary School!

Well-earned congratulations need to go to all our competitors who attended the annual RASSA Interschool Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, 3 November. Their enthusiasm, sportsmanship and endeavour were evident all day and they achieved a wonderful result as you can see below.  

Safety Bay were in the “A” Division Carnival (“B” and “C” were held on the following days) against the strong schools of Rockingham Beach, Rockingham Lakes and Charthouse.  

We had over 70 participants attend from our school with individuals competing in jumps, team and running events ranging from 80m to 400m. The team events were Flag race for the years 1 – 3 and Passball and Leaderball for the yeary 4 – 6 which were all worth double points and of course, the always exciting relays.  Safety Bay Primary School had some amazing individual and team competitors. The outstanding performances in the team games and relays assisted in the victorious result for Safety Bay.  

The final results were: 
1st Safety Bay Primary School- 452 
2nd Charthouse Primary School - 311 
3rd Rockingham Beach Primary School - 202 
4th Rockingham Lakes Primary School– 200  

Our individuals who received awards were:                                                 
Noah White –Champion Yr 5 Boy 
Maya Rasitto– Champion Yr 4 Girl 
Rylan Clark – Runner-Up Champion Yr 4 Boy  

A big thank you to staff who helped leading up to the carnival and/or on the day. Thank you also to the parents who drove our jumps competitors to the reserve early in the morning and those who came along to support our children.   

Well done to all.  

Mr Brown & Mrs White
Physical Education Specialist Teacher

The P&C Committee this year has raised $21,550!

We would just like to say THANK YOU to every single person who volunteered their time to help us raise this amazing amount for our School. 

Volunteers, Students, Parents, Grandparents, Carers, Teachers, Lauren Milne our wonderful principal, we couldn’t do it without all your help.

Here’s a little snap shot of where our P&C raised money……

  • 2nd Hand Uniform Stall
  • CBA School Banking
  • School Ponytails
  • Bake Sale
  • Colour Explosion Fun Run
  • Election Day Stall
  • STEM Newspaper Challenge
  • Mother’s Day Stall
  • Father’s Day Stall
  • Our Gold Coin Dress up days
  • Sports Carnival Sausage Sizzle
  • School Disco
  • Bike Safety Raffle

And provided to the school from our P&C in 2021 is $14,609!!

  • $800 to the One Big Voice Bus
  • $5,100 For STEM Trolley & General Equipment 
  • $1000 Towards the Art Canvases
  • $1000 Towards the NAIDOC Bush Tucker Garden
  • $1000 Winnings from the West Australian Random Cash draw for STEM coupon competition. 
  • $1944 Reversible Faction Hats provided to all year 1 students!
  • $337 Kindy Cafe Info Bags & Bees Wax Wraps for new Kindy Students
  • $1000 For the Sports Carnival Ribbons
  • Teacher for Kindy Orientation (Week 3 & 4)
  • $1000 Firefly Think Mental Program
  • $450 Towards three wheel bikes for upper & middle primary
  • $596 Towards Year 6 Activities
  • $382 Towards sports equipment for classrooms

Term 4 Witches & Wizardry DISCO!

What a wonderful time our students had at the P&C Disco!  

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support our P&C events. 

A Special Thank You to Loraine Harding, Emma Lohoar,  Janelle Fleay, Jonathan Peace for their time & effort creating this magical disco for the students. We appreciate you all.  

All our amazing volunteers that show up to every event, thank you, it wouldn’t happen without you.                                                                     

Together we raised $1092!!! $450 of money raised goes towards the three wheel bikes for upper & middle primary, 

Term 3 Sport Carnival Sausage Sizzle

Another thank you to all our Sports day sausage sizzle Volunteers & our amazing fundraising Team.  

Special Mention to Kingston’s Kitchen for their very tasty coffee over the 2 days. 

Together we raised $1595!! Funds raised go towards the Firefly Think Mentals Program.                                                                                                  

Term 3 Sports Colour Day

How much fun was Sports Colour day?! Thanks to everyone who contributed and joined in on the fun.  

Together we raised $381!!  Another tremendously successful effort. Funds raised go towards sports equipment for the classrooms. 


Goodbye CBA School Banking & School Banking Raffle

The School Banking Raffle for Term 3 winner was B.Fadden.                          

A BIG Thank You to Kingston’s Kitchen, Jaffelato and Kathryn Bunting for their kind donations for the prize.

We are very sad to announce the end of the CBA School Banking Program as of 10th December 2021 (Week 9).

This is due to the recent announcement by New South Wales to remove all School Banking programs from schools in their state, and earlier in the year by Victoria. Although this program has run for over 90 years, it is truly sad to have this finish in 2021.

This meant the last deposit day at SBPS was on the morning of Thursday 9th of December, 2021.

It is certainly an end to an era to see this program end as the P&C felt it was a great way to teach the children about money, savings, practicing counting & writing and patience. 

Kathryn Bunting, our School Banking coordinator, will miss seeing the children each Thursday morning to greet them into school and earn those gold tokens & claim a reward.

Thank you to all the families who have supported the program over the years.


Thanks also to Michelle, Joy, Amanda & Tamara for also being a part of CBA School banking. 

Goodbye & thank you Jonathon Peace

Jonathan Peace has been a huge part of the SBPS P&C for 8 years!! 

We would like to say a massive thank you for all the work you have done.

The P&C Videos, creative decorations for disco, being present for every event and meeting and so much more. 

We really appreciate you Jonathan and we will all miss your presence.

P&C Kindy Playgroup

Our wonderful P&C members have Completed another year of P&C Playgroup. 

A big Thank You to Hannah Kalkman for organising and running the 3 weeks of playgroup.

Special thanks to our volunteers Brianna, Sam & our P&C President Janelle.                                     

After listening to feedback from previous years, the P&C playgroup was changed up this year, creating a play-based environment. 

Our newest students loved the painting, story time & playtime.

Why do we do it?

Allowing our newest students the opportunity to meet children the same age, see a kindy classroom, participate in kindy orientated activities, also an opportunity for new parents to meet other parents, speak with school staff and ask questions in a welcoming environment.

The P&C committee welcome our new students & families to our wonderful school, we hope to see you at a P&C meeting in the future

Term 4 Bike Safety Raffle           
The winner of the Bike Safety Raffle was Brianna from W3.  Congratulations Brianna, the bike looks like it was meant for you.

Thank you to Mark McGowan and KD Cycles Rockingham for generously donating this prize. And to our P&C fundraising coordinator Loraine Harding, for the quick organisation of this raffle. 

Together we raised $1456!! Funds raised go towards the Schools Road Safety Program.


Term 1

  • Easter Raffle 2022 Week 7-10

2022 Event Schedule will be created prior to the AGM in Term 1, 2022.


As parents and carers we lead busy lives, and so, as a volunteer we would only ask for you to give the time you can spare. It’s a great way to get to know some other parents, get involved with the school and have your say on how the P&C can help the school.

If you have fundraising ideas, feel free to forward your ideas to the P&C email, safetybaypc@gmail.com. We love ideas, and we love people who are open to organising these fundraising ideas!

The next P&C meeting will be held in the Conference Room, Tuesday 15th February, Term 1, Week 3, 2022.         


Follow us on Facebook for regular updates: Safety Bay Primary School P&C Notice Board
Contact us via email Safetybaypc@gmail.com or in person at school

2022 Important Dates

2023 Term Dates:

Term 1   
Wednesday 1 February  - Thursday 6 April 
Term 2   
Monday 24 April  - Friday 30 June
Term 3   
Monday 17 July - Friday 22 Septmeber
Term 4   
Monday 9 October - Thursday 14 December

2023 School Development Days

In 2022 there will be 6 School Development Days (students DO NOT attend)
  • 26 and 27 January (before students start school for 2022)
  • Tuesday 26 April
  • Monday 18 July
  • Monday 10 October
  • Friday 16 December (after students finish for 2022)

Click the link for Department of Education WA Term Dates

Safety Bay Dental Therapy Centre

Safety Bay Dental Therapy Centre will be closed from the 18 December 2021 and will reopen on the 31 January 2022.

Emergency clinics:

Mon 20/12/21 – Wed 22/12/21

Koorana DTC – 9593 4821

Thu 23/12/21 – Wed 26/1/22

Mt Henry DTC – 9313 0555

Thu 27/1/22 – Fri 28/1/22

Secret Harbour DTC – 9524 8945

We hope everyone has a great Christmas break. See you next year!

Community News

Safety Bay Primary School does not endorse nor assume any responsibility for the information provided.

Variety WA EduKids Grants

Individual & Community – NOW OPEN

Applications closing 11 January 2022.

The Variety EduKids grant is aimed at helping WA children receive an essential education by providing funding for vital ‘Back to School’ equipment such as stationery, uniforms, laptops, tablets and more. We provide assistance that is not accessible through government funding and alternative services.

To be considered eligible the child/children must meet the following criteria:

o  Child or children are aged 4-17.

o  Child or children are disadvantaged (financial, geographic, social), have a disability or sick (long-term health condition).

o  Child or children are enrolled and will attend Primary or High School in 2022.

o  Children’s household income falls within guide*

o  Funding/equipment must not available via government or alternative sources.

Individuals – please view full guidelines here or start your application here.

Community – please view full guidelines here or start your application here.

For more information, please contact the kids Support team on the details below.
Kind regards

Kids Support Team

Kids Support Department | Variety – the Children’s Charity of WA

08 9355 3655 kidssupport@varietywa.org.au
102 Burswood Road, Burswood WA 6100