Term 3 News - It's A Must Read

A Message From The Principal

Term 3 is always an exciting term, filled with many community favourite events.  It has been so pleasing to see our students shine in many different curriculum areas this term! 

Our Be You showcase was testament to the incredible talent we have across our school with over one hundred students sharing their skills and celebrating each other’s successes.  The talents ranged from rollerskating to the stand up comedy, and all resulted in many smiles and encouragement from the audience.  Congratulations to those who participated and thank you to our Wellbeing team for once again co-ordinating this favourite event.

Students have had further opportunities to showcase their skills in this term’s faction and interschool sports carnivals, Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge, family STEM Challenge ‘Catch a Hacker’ night and the Rockingham Lion’s Art Competition.  We are incredibly proud of our students for both their success in these events and the manner in which they have represented our school. 

An integral part of our school events is our fabulous P&C, who once again have gone above and beyond in support of our students.  Key fundraising events were the Father’s Day Stall and the Faction Carnival Sausage Sizzle, raising $665.96 and $1611.94 respectively. 

There were many smiling Year 1s earlier this term when they received their faction hats, funded by the P&C, and I express my sincere thanks for this and every other contribution that is made to our school.  The P&C is currently seeking both new members and volunteers.  Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in any capacity.

At Safety Bay Primary, we are so fortunate to have a highly skilled and passionate team of staff, who are continually focused on ensuring Everyone Belongs and Everyone Achieves.  At the end of this term we will be saying goodbye to a number of members of our team. 

We congratulate Brooke Ramsay, our school psychologist, on winning a position at Harmony Primary School.  Brooke has been an integral part of our wellbeing approaches throughout her seven year tenure, and a support for many Safety Bay students and families.  We thank Brooke for everything she has given to our school and wish her well for the next stage of her professional journey. 

Nadia Hussanee and Darryl Herricks have joined us in Peron Block this term and have been much-loved by the students of P8 and P10.  We wish them both all the best for their roles at their new school in term 4.  I know students will also be keen to hear about the adventures of Mr and Mrs Petersen’s big WA adventure when they return to Peron block next term!

Perhaps one of the most recognisable faces in the school, our School Officer Sam Reynolds, will be taking on a promotional position at another school in Term 4.  We know that Sam will experience huge success in this new role and we look forward to seeing her back with the team in 2023.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday break.   As the weather continues to brighten, I hope you all get to spend some quality family time enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  We look forward to seeing you all back and ready to learn together in Term 4.

Lauren Milne, Principal

Another Successful Term For Our P&C

We celebrated our mums, dads and other loved ones with the Mother’s Day Stall in Term 2 and the Father’s Day Stall this term. The students loved choosing gifts for the special people in their lives while also contributing to raising funds for new home readers and Year 1 faction hats.

The Gold Coin Community Heroes Dress-Up Day was great fun. There were so many cute and creative outfits. Highlights were seeing students dressed up as Reptile Handlers, Teachers, Support Dogs and even P&C Volunteers! The day raised $500.

The Faction Carnival Sausage Sizzles are always enjoyed by students and their families. Money raised on these days helps pay for the Carnival Achievement Ribbons.

Building Community
Preparations are happening for the Kindy Playgroup next term. Did you know that the P&C fund these playgroup events that allow the children to meet each other and get used to the school environment before starting Kindy? Parents get to meet each other too! So, it’s been a wonderful way for incoming students and their families to build relationships and confidence within the school community.

Year 1 students recently received their Faction Hats! The P&C Committee are so happy to fund these hats each year that promote being sun smart as well as contribute to the fun and excitement of being part of a team on sports days.

The P&C Committee continues to provide affordable uniforms at the Second Hand Uniform Stall that is held once a term. If you’d like to contribute, donations can be handed in to the office or get in touch if you’d like to help sell items at the stalls.

Follow the P&C Facebook Page for information about school and P&C events www.facebook.com/sbpspc

You can also find your Facebook Year Group where parents and carers can ask questions, share info, and get important updates.

School Contribution Raffle
Don’t forget to pay your school contribution by the end of Term 3 to be entered into the raffle to WIN back the value of your contribution PLUS $100 worth of gift vouchers. The winner will be drawn by Week 2 Term 4.

Let us know what is important to you!
Keep an eye out for the P&C 2023 Fundraising Survey. It will only take a couple of minutes to tell us what you value and share your ideas.

Volunteers Needed
For events and other community initiatives to be successful we need volunteers. You don’t need to be a P&C member to help. There are tasks that can be done from home as well as helping on the day of events. Keep an eye out for the rosters for future events and sign up.

Thank you to everyone that has helped the P&C this year so far.

What’s coming up in Term 4?

Second Hand Uniform Stall - Friday 21st October
8.15-8.45am near the Library

Neon Disco - Friday 4th November 
Session 1 (K-1) 4.00-5.00pm 
Session 2 (2-4) 5.30-6.30pm 
Session 3 (5-6) 7.00-8.00pm

P&C Meeting - Monday 14th November
1.30-2.45pm Conference Room
New members and visitors are always welcome.

Contact us - safetybaypc@gmail.com www.facebook.com/sbpspc

Book Week Art Display

Book Week Art Display

Leading up to Book Week, years Pre-Primary to Year Three completed art activities based on some of the nominated books in 2022 Children’s Book Week Council book awards. A few examples from each class were displayed in our Library for all students to enjoy.

The Pre-Primaries looked at the book, Winston and The Indoor Cat. They noticed that the illustrator had used warm colours from the colour wheel to draw pictures representing Winston who lived outdoors. Cool colours from the colour wheel had been used to illustrate the indoor cat. Students chose to draw either an indoor or outdoor cat and used the appropriate warm or cool colours to decorate their pictures. They also used smooth and curved patterns to represent the clean, neat cat from indoors and sharp and jagged line patterns to represent the scruffy and messy outdoor cat.

The Year One students read the book Just One Bee all about the importance of not underestimating how ‘just one’ person can really make a difference to the world. They spent time looking at a detailed picture of an actual bee and then carefully drew their own realistic picture of a bee.

The Year Two artists looked at the book The Boy And The Elephant and discussed how the illustrator used shadows and silhouettes to represent familiar animals. They made a foil Armitage to represent themselves and then used the sun to draw in the shadow that their foil person made.

The Year Three children looked at the illustrations in the book Great White Shark and noticed how she used blending to make the water appear lifelike. They practised their painting and brushwork skills to first blend four colours into a realistic underwater seascape and then used fine brushwork to paint silhouettes of sea creatures.

One Year 3 class were lucky enough to create their own books using a cereal box. They decorated the book with pages from their favourite books and characters that represented the 2022 Book Week theme ‘Dreaming With Your Eyes Open.’

The students enjoyed looking at the books and seeing them from an artist’s perspective and have created some beautiful artworks to enjoy.

Zoe Clements, Visual Art Teacher

Sport in the Spotlight

Term 3 is our busiest term for Physical Education at Safety Bay Primary. We had our Interschool Cross Country, year 4/6 Long jump, 800m races and we finish off the term with our two Safety Bay Primary School Faction Athletic Carnivals in week 9.

All the way back in week 3, Safety Bay Primary attended the annual RASSA interschool Cross Country at Lark Hill. 64 students from year 3 to 6 were selected to attend the carnival and represent the school in the events. The students competed in either a 1.5km (year 3,4) or 2km (year 5,6) race that tested them both physically and mentally. The conditions on the day were challenging for both the competitors and spectators as there were strong winds that made for a cooler than expected temperature. Safety Bay was very successful both on and off the track with our year 3 and 5’s winning both the boy and girl group, along with our year 6 boys taking out their group. This meant that Safety Bay Primary was awarded the Champion School Shield which is now proudly displayed in the front office of our school. All the students who represented Safety Bay Primary School at this event are to be congratulated on their efforts in both the lead up to the carnival and on the day. There were lunch time training sessions and morning fitness routines that the students participated in so that they were fit and firing for the carnival. I am very proud of all the students for the sportsmanship they showed and continue to show at these big events. I witnessed many of our SBPS students congratulating students from others school on their efforts as well as supporting and cheering on all the competitors.  

Interschool Results 

Champion School

Safety Bay



Rockingham Lakes









Rockingham Beach



Port Kennedy






East Waikiki















In week 9 of term 3 Safety Bay Primary School held our two Faction Athletic Carnivals. This is the highlight on the Physical Education calendar every year and our 2022 carnivals did not disappoint. The weather for both days was fantastic and it was great to see all the students in their faction coloured shirts supporting each other and showing great sportsmanship. This year we had a bit of a different setup to the norm, but I was pleased to hear so much positive feedback from teachers, students and spectators about how smooth the carnival ran and how much people enjoyed both days. GREEN faction took out the junior carnival and RED the senior carnival which is their 3rd win in a row. I also would like to thank all Safety Bay Primary School staff, the P&C, and the parent volunteers for all the support in the lead up to the carnivals and on the day.

In term 4 we look forward to the upcoming RASSA Interschool Athletics Carnival in week 4, which is always a fantastic day where selected students from year 1-6 get to represent Safety Bay Primary School and test themselves against other schools in team games, races and jumps.

Mitch Brown, Physical Education Specialist


C12 - C13 Book Week Author Visit

Scott Wilson, an Aboriginal author and illustrator from the North West of Western Australia, visited C12 and C13 to launch Book Week in our class.

He launched his book "Little Bullock" published by the Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH). This book focused on the importance of staying hydrated where the students learnt the word "ngooloog ngooloog", which means "to drink water" in Gooniyandi language. They also learnt to watch for signs and symptoms of dehydration. Furthermore, the students got insights into exciting literary developments he is developing, such as the Indigiverse.

Alvin Leo, Year 4 Teacher

Cultural Collisions: An Interactive Online Workshop with WA Museum

Students from Years 4 to 6 participated in small online workshops with WA Museum Boola Bardip on the topic “Cultural Collisions”.

Our school received the PALS funding to enable these classes to participate.  PALS is an initiative of the department which encourages Western Australia.  A schools to develop projects that promote reconciliation in their local community.

Students learnt about the early encounters and collisions of culture between the Aboriginal peoples of Western Australia and a variety of newcomers since 1616. Students critically examined First Contact experiences between Aboriginal peoples in our state, investigating the history of encounters with various visitors through industry, trade and colonisation. Evidence of these diverse relationships and their cultural, social, and economic consequences were examined through artworks and objects from the Museum’s collections. 

This online experience will help students appreciate the artefacts when they visit the WA Museum Boola Bardip. Perhaps they could be guides for the family in the holidays?

Alvin Leo, Year 4 Teacher

Be Strong, Be Brave, Be You

There is no better copy than being yourself! That’s why we observe BE YOU DAY, a day where we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Did you know that this day was advocated by a student? The student is now in year 6, and is leaving us with a legacy to remember.

In the week leading up to Be You Day on 9 September, students starred in our Be You Showcase. This showcase encouraged students to display the many talents they have. We had dancers, singers, skaters, gymnasts…. A galaxy of talents! The showcase drew thousands of smiles from the audiences.

The success of the showcase meant the Be You Day presentation was ever only going to start in one way…. A highlights reel. Squeals of delight and pearls of laughter were shared by all as they relived treasured memories. Staff and students were also reminded how to check in with one another in our “R U OK?” segment, which Year 6 students shared with us strategies on how to check-in and help someone.

Be You Day is unique to Safety Bay Primary School. It celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and shows how we can belong and connect with each other. Hence, “R U OK” is also celebrated on the same day to provide students with a sense of connectedness.

Alvin Leo, C13 Class Teacher

Science News

This term in the science room we have been learning about states of matter, materials and all things chemical and we have been practising writing science methods and how to be safe in the science room.


I have been using all that I have been learning through being part of the SciTech Real World Digital Technologies group to help our year 4 students program the microbits to act like a digital thermometer. Once we have got all our coding correct we will be using this to complete an investigation about what materials make a good insulator.

As part of our involvement in the SciTech Real World Digital Technologies, we held our Catch a hacker Night which was just fantastic and it was just great to see our families that came having so much fun solving all the different problems to get the clues needed to find out how the wicked hacker was.

We had over 100 of our year 3-6 students compete in the Bebras Challenge this year and I look forward to seeing how they all went – they were very difficult questions, even I found a few a little difficult.

Sue McCulloch, Science Teacher

Outback In The Bay

If you haven't already admired the new Widi-Miya garden, do yourself a favour and take a peek.  Our school Gardener / Handyperson, Phil and our school Cleaner / Multitasking Extroardinaire, Carrieanne have created a space that was designed around reusing, recycling and restoring. 

The sleepers that held the old garden bed in place have been shooshed and used as a perfect background for the grass tree, that is clearly happy with it's new home, as it has begun to flower!  All of the historic items on the wall have been collected over the years by Phil as he has travelled around the countryside.  

Phil and Carrieanne hope our you enjoy the seating area, that was placed there to encourage new friendships in our school community.

Kylie Grove, School Officer

Dental Health Week 2022

We observed Dental Health Week for the first time in early August. This was made possible in partnership with our Safety Bay Dental Therapy Centre.

This year’s theme “Love Your Day” was enthusiastically embraced by students. A special assembly presentation by the Dental Centre staff highlighted the importance of good teeth and gum health, and how to keep them strong and healthy. The presentation was followed by a dental health display in the library where teachers reinforced important health messages as the students attended library sessions.

A big thank you to our Safety Bay Dental Therapy Centre for this previous and unique partnership opportunity.

Alvin Leo, Year 4 Teacher

Year 3 Kings Park Excursion 

On Friday 2nd September, Year Three students attended an excursion to Kings Park Education Centre and Naturescape Playground to support their HASS Program. 

Students participated in an educational program titled Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot. They learnt how plants and animals provided food, tools, shelter and medicine for Nyoongar people and how they took care of the land.

Students also had plenty of time to explore and play on the Naturescape Playground, where students were able to climb, jump, crawl, slide, build and splash in the numerous outdoor play areas.  

We were lucky enough to have nice weather and the help of numerous Parent Helpers to ensure our day ran smoothly. Thank you to everyone that helped our Year 3’s have their best excursion ever! 

Ainslee Langeard, Year 3 Teacher

Music To My Ears


For many years now Safety Bay Primary has participated in Music Count Us In; a whole-school celebration of Music education through singing a shared song with 3,500 other schools across Australia via a live streamed event. Singing the celebration song at the same time as over a million other children across Australia has been a very special experience for our students, and many still request songs from past years during their Performing Arts lessons.

Unfortunately COVID has impacted funding for the Arts and Music Count Us In is no longer supported. This year we have registered with Together Sing to fill the gap this has created.

Together Sing is an opportunity for schools and groups of people to sing together. During Mental Health Week, Schools and community groups across Australia opt in to sing a song specifically composed for the occasion. The lyrics of this commissioned work focus on singing together for mental health and wellbeing.

‘Singing is an intensely human thing to do, an expression of our very soul. A student once told me: “When I sing, it is me”. Kodály said every child has a right to experience music and singing provides the most intimate experience of music possible. It is hard to over-estimate the value of the gift of singing. As well as providing a means for self-expression and learning music, singing enhances social and emotional well-being and hopefully is the start of a lifetime of enjoyment of music. Sadly, I regularly hear stories, still vivid and hurtful, from people who were told as children ‘you can’t sing’ or ‘you’re tone deaf’; and they haven’t sung since.’

At Safety Bay Primary School, we nurture singing through providing:

  • An environment where singing is a normal thing for everyone to do
  • Singing experiences that promote a free and flexible voice
  • Fun and inclusive choirs where everyone is welcome to join.


Our choirs have grown in popularity due to the fact that singing promotes a sense of wellbeing, confidence and belonging. We have now heard that the One Big Voice massed choir event will be going ahead at RAC Arena in 2023. Our Junior and Senior Choirs will join together to perform at Learning Journeys in Term 4, and at our end of year Music Concert 2022. Students are able to join Junior Choir in Years 3 and 4, and Senior Choir in Years 5 and 6.


On the 24st of August we were treated to a wonderful performance by the Safety Bay Senior High School Concert Band. As with last year, the standard of musicianship was very impressive. We saw many of our talented and hard-working ex-students perform a fantastic selection of music for us. Our current students were captivated and inspired by their performance. We thank them for taking the time to come and share all of the excellent work they are doing.

Rockingham Lions Art Competition

This term, students in Year Three and Four were invited to enter the Lions Club Art Competition. The competition is being run in Mental Health Week and has a theme of 'Nature is good for our mental health' to inspire a piece of artwork. Many students worked during their own time at home and during lunch times to complete an entry for the competition. In week ten, the student body voted on their favourite entries and ten were chosen to represent Safety Bay Primary School in the competition.

Congratulations go to

Penny-Ella Weedon, Mitchell Hanlon, Indigo Leveridge, James Cook, Dylan Hay, Mia Dueckershoff, Hasrat Sindhu, Caitlyn Golby, Ajay Carrello and
Savannah Casey for being our worthy finalists. Their work will be on display at the Lions Community Fair held on Saturday, 15th October at the Rockingham Village Green.

W7 Artists

Students in W7 have been busy painting, cutting, folding, glueing and drawing.  Look at these fine creations.  Some pieces were designed around Fathers Day, wanted posters with police officers keeping a watchful eye and copy painting their favourite toy.  

Keep up the great work W7, we cannot wait to see what you create next term!

Kylie Grove, School Officer

W6 Numeracy

I visited W6 who were busy finding ways to make 10, or Friends of Ten.  Students have been learning their basic facts to ten and this lesson was a huge success.  

Kylie Grove, School Officer