SWAT - Student Wellness Action Team

Heather Ham (School Chaplain), Deb Batey (DSTO) and Francesca Maumill (AIEO) run a SWAT team on a Thursday and Friday.  This team is about the mental health and wellbeing of students at our school.  The students work with the staff members on many different projects through the term.  While undertaking these projects they learn life skills, develop their social skills and discuss any concerns within in a small group setting.   This term the team have been building chicken coups and re-establishing our vegetable garden.  It took a considerable amount of work by the students as they needed to clean up the garden beds and the surrounding area.  The vegetable garden now looks amazing and is growing quite fast.  The students are looking forward to being able to sell their produce in the future.  We thank them for all their hardwork to provide the school with something that everyone gets to enjoy. 


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