Learning Journey

On Wednesday, 23 September, Safety Bay Primary School will have our annual Learning Journey.  This is an opportunity for you to visit your child's classroom, engage in conversation about their learning and celebrate their successes.

This is an opportunity for you to visit your child's classroom, view their work and discuss with them 'What were you learning about?'.  Feel free to visit other classrooms on the night to experience what is happening in the school. As you walk around you will see the individual styles of teacher such the artistic flair, technology savvy or clean precise environments - this is perfectly normal.  Ultimately our excellent teachers are guided by the curriculum and whole school approaches to teach our students. During the evening you may also be able to visit the Science Lab and Library.

We are pleased to provide this opportunity for parents and caregivers to visit your child’s classroom and look forward to welcoming you. In line with Covid19 and Phase 4 Department of Education requirements some adjustments to the traditional arrangements have been made.  Good hygiene practices including hand sanitiser (provided at classroom entrances) and physical distancing of one adult per two square metres will apply.

We will be introducing an online booking system for visits this year.  To comply with maximum numbers of adults visiting a classroom, visits are strictly 15 minutes and spaces are limited.  If you require more time with your child’s teacher, please arrange a separate meeting by telephoning the school on 9591 6800

To make your booking please go to


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