Our whole school approach to guided reading has been refined and tailored to meet the needs of our students. Our year level teams meet regularly in order to plan and review. This team approach to teaching and learning facilitates the sharing of ideas and knowledge, helping us to continuously reflect upon the achievement of students and how best to support them in moving forward.


New books were ordered for our junior primary area. These books are designed to have high interest but still be easily accessible to developing readers.



It is surprising just how much primary students need to learn about writing as they progress through their school years. Along with developing their general writing skills (such as use of punctuation, spelling, paragraphing and editing), they also need to learn to use the correct format in each writing genre. The writing genre taught in primary school include recounts, narratives, reports, letters, lists, persuasive texts, procedures and explanations.


Linking reading to writing is one of the many strategies we use to assist students with their writing. We will be sending a team to a three day seminar on writing in Week 10 of this term and we are looking forward to learning more about strategies that will help our students to improve their writing skills.


Our whole school approach to explicit teaching, using terminologies such as WALT (we are learning to…) and WILF (what I’m looking for...) have clarified the standards that we are hoping students will achieve. We have ordered stamps that state success criteria for our junior primary team as a quick way to remind students of their writing goals.


A Spelling Journal approach to teaching spelling has been introduced as an aid for students to develop critical thinking skills and to recognise patterns within spelling rules. A Spelling Journal becomes an individualised tool that reinforces explicit spelling and word study lessons.

Mrs Brace
Year 2 Teacher

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