At Safety Bay students attend one music lesson a week from Pre-Primary to Year 6, with some classes attending twice a week. Music lessons cover a range of activities including singing, musical games, movement to music, playing a range of musical instruments and using music technologies. Instruments taught in class include recorder, ukulele, percussion and keyboards.

Students learn to play and sing the music of others and also improvise, create and compose music of their own. Listening and responding to music, including music from different cultures, times and places, is another important aspect of their music education.

Our school offers students many musical opportunities including Junior Choir (Year 3/ 4), Senior Choir and Vocal Group (Year 5 6) and Drum Group (Year 5/6). Our choirs perform at festivals including One Big Voice at Perth Arena and Rockingham Junior Choir Festival. Groups also perform at school events during the year. In term four Year 4 students are selected and invited to take part in the Education Department’s Instrumental Music School Services (SIM program) in clarinet, brass, classical guitar and flute. These free instrumental lessons commence in Year 5 and continue through to Year 10 in schools which offer the program. The Sound Garden at our school, which is equipped with a range of tuned percussion instruments, provides students with an opportunity to create music in an informal setting with their friends.

Mrs Quealy

Music Specialist Teacher


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