Wow what a year the students and I are having in our new Science room. We started the year with caterpillars, butterflies and chickens as an introduction to Biological Science.

Term one saw us learning about animals and their life cycles and adaptations but I must say that the chickens were certainly the stars for the term.

Term two started with a bang with students learning about material, chemicals and states of matter. We ended the term celebrating National Science week early by having an in school performance using the VR goggles. A journey into space was a great way to end the term and a great lead in to our Earth and Space Science for term three.


Now here we are in term three and we have been learning about things like the seasons, different types landscapes, Earth’s resources, Space and natural disasters. This term we introduced the Scientist of the Week board and so far, we have learned about Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Isaac Newton, all of who have contributed to our knowledge of our place in Space. Having the meteorite touch down in our state was very timely and led to some very interesting conversations during our lessons, especially as our Year 6 students were investigating how objects can change our landscape through impact.


Next term doesn’t seem to be slowing down any in the science room with students learning about how things move through to electrical circuits.

Our last two scientists for this term will be Nichola Tesla and Marie Curie.

Now to test your space knowledge.

Which two planets do not have moons?

Which planet has a big red spot on it?


Mrs McCulloch

Science Specialist Teacher


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